Anniversaire de LISA oublie par Rose ?

LISA's birthday forgotten by Rose?

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On the BLINKS side, the atmosphere is electric.

On March 27, the Lilies had the opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of BLACKPINK's maknae . However, while on the one hand Lisa received many birthday messages, on the other hand Rosé's Instagram account was filled with hate messages .

In fact, Internet users blame the vocalist of the band for not having wished LISA's birthday . The rumor that Rosé did not get along with Lisa thus spread on the networks.

However the very next day , Rosé published a birthday message addressed to Lisa .
The reason being that Rosé is currently in the United States and the time zone is not the same.
When Internet users leave hate messages, it was still March 26 in the US. That's why the idol waited until March 27 in her time zone to wish her colleague a birthday.

Netizens say they're sorry for Rosé, who probably wished Lisa's birthday privately, but also had to do it publicly for fans.

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