photographie de lee know


Stage name : Lee Know
Real name : Lee Min Ho
Nickname : Ya, Hyungah
Nationality : Korean
Age : 23 years old
Date of birth : October 25, 1998
Height : 172cm
Role/profession : Main dancer, singer, rapper
Group : Stray Kids
Fandom : Stays

photography by lee know


Lee Know is one of the members of K-pop group Stray Kids , he is a dancer, singer and rapper . He was born in South Korea in the city of Gimpo. He joined the JYP Entertainment label in 2017 , so he was a trainee for a year before joining the group. But unfortunately when he joined the agency he had a hard time adapting since he arrived quite late compared to the other members, but Seungmin helped him a lot at that time and he is very grateful to him for that.

Lee Know is very well known for his dancing skills , it's not for nothing that he was chosen to be one of the dancers for BTS 's Japan tour . He also appeared in BTS's " NOT TODAY " MV (music video) .

He started dancing at 14 and he hasn't stopped since, if he hadn't joined Stray kids he would surely have become a dancer. But contrary to what one might think it was not always his dream to become a dancer, when he was young what he wanted above all was to become a policeman.

Many wonder why he chose " Lee Know " as his stage name , this is a question he answered in an interview , he said his real name is answered way too much, there are many people who s 's name Min Ho , so he decided to take another name and " Know " in English means "to know" so his fans can recognize him, it also means that he knows his fans .

The first time he had to introduce himself to the other members, he thought that Han didn't like him because he looked at him very hard and didn't look away, later during a radio show, Han confessed that he was jealous of Lee know that's why he looked at him. It's a story that brought a lot of laughs from the fans as well as the other members.

The fans are always there for the members and that's something Lee know really appreciates because it makes him feel closer to them. He was also grateful to his fans when they worried about him because he had to perform on top of a very tall building in the heart of Seoul while feeling dizzy.


  • He loves to read books and his favorite author is Keigo Higashino .
  • His favorite color is “mint” and he would like to dye his hair the same color.
  • He watches a lot of anime.
  • In addition to knowing how to dance, he knows how to make his eyebrows dance.
  • He speaks English and Japanese.
  • He is a big fan of Jackson from GOT7.
  • He has three cats : Soon-ie, Dong-Ie and Dori.
  • He can't swim.
  • Her idol is 2PM's Taec Yeon .
  • He is left-handed and he is the only one in the group.
  • He has no brothers or sisters.

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