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Stage Name: Moon Byul
Real name: Moon Byeol Yi
Nationality: Korean 
Age: 29
Date of birth: December 22, 1992
Height: 163cm
Role / profession: Rapper, dancer, choreographer, lyricist
Group: Mamamoo
Fandom: Moo Moo

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Moon Byul is a dancer, rapper, choreographer and lyricist in the KPOP group Mamamoo of the agency Rainbow Bridge World. After having passed auditions in several agencies she was finally recruited in 2011 by RBW. Originally she wanted to become a singer, but she ended up agreeing to become a rapper, herself said that this is what suits her best.

She is one of the members who contributes the most to the projects, she participates in the creation of the choreographies but also in the writing of the texts, all her rap parts were written by herself .

During a TV show she confessed that at the beginning it was difficult for her to find her place in the group , since she is the only rapper in the group, which means that she does not sing much during the performances so she felt apart, she confessed to having cried several times because of it. Of course today she feels in her place and is very happy to be part of the group.

Moonbyul stands out from the other members of Mamamoo but also from other female idols in general, especially with regard to her stage outfits. Most of the time female artists wear dresses, skirts, which are constricting and embarrassing during performances, but Moonbyul prefers to be comfortable on stage and wear what she wants, rather than a skirt. which will prevent her from moving properly she prefers to wear shorts or pants to be comfortable and give her best during her performances especially since she is the main dancer so the eyes are riveted on her.

But she goes much further, she wears outfits that are considered "masculine" in order to break the codes and show that a woman can also wear masculine outfits and be beautiful and sexy. Like Hwasa and Solar, she tries to convey a message through her performances .

She started her solo career in 2018 with the single “SELFISHE” and his latest solo project was released this year in 2022, it is a single named “CITT” . But in parallel she also made several collaborations and participated in several shows including "Drama Operation Team" where she was the leader of the Girl Next Door project in 2017.


  • She is friends with BTS 's Jin, EXID 's Hani as well as Red Velvet's Seul-GI.
  • She gained self-confidence through dancing.
  • His blood type is B.
  • For her, the male ideal is Gong Yoo .
  • She is a fan of Hip-Hop.
  • Fans consider her the father of the group.
  • Many people find her to have a resemblance to BtoB's Minhyeok.
  • Her dream was to become a policeman when she was young.
  • She is very shy by nature.
  • She and Solar wish to create a sub-unit together and name it MoonSun.
  • When she was young she learned choreographies in secret in her room.

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