Big Bang's TOP attempted suicide

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TOP's dramatic revelations this week:

The Big Bang member gave an exclusive interview to Hong Kong magazine PRESTIGE. It was an opportunity for him to do a retrospective on his career.

The idol shared with the magazine to be sorry for the treatment of trainees and idols in the industry. For him all artists are formatted like robots. They are programmed to do what the label expects of them. Result, despite the popularity of idols, they feel empty and lonely.

TOP announces that it wants to train real artists with an identity that would be totally different from BIG BANG.

But the artist also had the opportunity to return to his scandals and his hiatus.

And that's when he revealed he had already tried to end his life.

5 years ago, after being suspended following the marijuana scandal, TOP at rock bottom, attempted suicide.

It was only later that the idol realized that his act could have hurt many people including his family and his fans.

TOP claims that it was the music that kept him alive at that time and that it was the idea of ​​filling his library with self-composed music that allowed him to have the strength to survive.

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