Yeonjun [TXT] - Présentation

Yeonjun [TXT] - Overview

Stage Name: Yeonjun
Full name: Choi Yeon Joon
Korean Hangul name: 연준
Role: Dancer, rapper, singer
Date of birth: September 13, 1999
Age: 22 years old
Height: 181.5cm
Hobbies: Dancing, skateboarding, eating food.
Agency: Big Hit Entertainment
Group: Tomorrow X Together
Debut: March 4, 2019
Genre: KPOP

More about TXT's Yeonjun

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Career :

Yeonjun was the very first member of TXT to be announced by Big Hit , and he is also the oldest member of the group . He has exceptional dancing skills that amaze fans and is also a very talented singer and rapper .

History, Relationships and Character

He is the only member of TXT who is an only child . He also lived in the United States during elementary school, which explains why he is fluent in English . When the group creates messages for international fans, Yeonjun is usually the one who takes the lead in the group!

Yeonjun was Big Hit's longest-serving trainee, having been there for 4 years before their debut! He also auditioned for Cube Entertainment before joining Big Hit , and he auditioned while dancing to BTS 's " Boy In Luv !"

Before debuting, Yeonjun starred in a commercial for Ramyeon and also served as a backup (backing vocalist) for BTS .

Yeonjun has been fun to watch on social media so far, and he's already earned a reputation for writing jokes and puns. He often talks about the cold weather, his excitement for his debut and the intensity of his rehearsals!

The dancer also revealed that he loves hip-hop music and was always number one in dancing , singing , and rapping on their monthly ratings during their internships. He also joked that the members once thought he was really cool, but now they just find him cute .

Beomgyu said in a diary that Yeonjun studied puns and it was very cute. The other members also said that he is sentimental and once even cried while reading a poem.

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