Lightstick Itzy - Official

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  • On July 7, the new design of the Lightstick ITZY was unveiled. However, it is different from the pre-existing Lightstick models of other idol groups. Instead of being a light stick, ITZY's Lightstick is a ring light .

    This new ring light has an all-white design and is designed to be held like a Tambourine. It sometimes comes with a cradle to hang on the wall, so this ring light can also be used as a mood light. The ring light comes with different color spectrums and three light flicker options.

    Lightsticks have been part of the Kpop fandom since the first generation of idol groups. Back then, fans used specific colored balloons to cheer on their beloved idols. Today, idol groups have designed glow sticks that can be used at various events such as concerts for fans to cheer them on.

    ITZY has taken a new step in lightstick culture and changed the design significantly. Many fans are excited about the ITZY Light Ring and have already sold out pre-orders on some sites.