Perfect All KILL de  (G)I-DLE

Perfect All KILL by (G)I-DLE

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The other resounding comeback this month is that of Yoja Idle.
The latter was anticipated and at the same time feared because it would be the first without Soojin.
But, it seems that the band has kept its DNA and is even reversing the trend.

For the first time in its history, Idle achieves the all-kill feat

With TOMBOY - title track of the album I NEVER DIE - the band manages to take the first place of all musical platforms .

Despite this incredible feat, some members continue to receive negative feedback. Miyeon is actually attacked for her lack of expressiveness during the live stage. Netizens claim that being naturally beautiful, the latter makes no effort in terms of her expressions. And therefore makes TOMBOY performances boring.

But during the Encore Stage, Miyeon was conversely praised for her vocals! All the girls have also delivered an unprecedented vocal performance. All girls except one according to some internet users.

Shuhua's voice was described as disastrous during this Encore. Netizens claim that the Taiwanese girl in the group was sabotaging IDLE because of her lack of talent.

And finally some go even further. A user posted a photo of Yoja Idle's victory against Stray KIDS in the music show M COUNTDOWN.
The latter claims that the girls' victory is due to Soojin's withdrawal from the group. While the losers were those who still had a stalker in their group.
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