Korean Sweater

Discovering the Korean sweatshirt

If a few years ago, the sweatshirt was a garment that we dared not wear or which was simply used as a pajama top in winter, it must be said that it is very fashionable today, and this especially in Korea. And this fashion for the Korean sweatshirt is gradually settling into the Western style of clothing. For people who know nothing or very little about the Korean sweatshirt, we take you through this article to discover it.

What is the Korean sweatshirt?

The Korean sweatshirt or Korean sweater is an accessory of Asian clothing style and more particularly of Korean clothing fashion. And as you would have understood, this garment is currently very trendy , and whether on the side of women or men. It is in fact a kind of t-shirt designed in a thick material and which is worn by the neckline which is generally elastic. However, in Korean dress style , oversize is the staple. A Korean sweatshirt therefore follows the same concept. It has loose sleeves and a wide cut to display a casual look. But as the Korean sweatshirt is currently integrating Western fashion, brands, especially French ones, offer certain models of Korean sweatshirts in a style that fits better.

The different types of Korean sweatshirt?

The number of Korean sweatshirts currently available is countless. However, we can say that this garment comes in different types. These differences concern, among other things, the collar, the length of the sleeves, the style, the patterns or the prints. Speaking of the collar, there is a range of Korean sweatshirts. You will find Korean sweatshirt with shawl collar, turtleneck, crew neck, closed collar, large collar, V-neck and many more. Regarding the length of the sleeves, there is the Korean long-sleeved sweatshirt . This is the ideal sleeve length of a real Korean sweatshirt. But you will also find some Korean sweatshirts with short sleeves or no sleeves at all. As far as prints are concerned, you will find Korean sweatshirts with checkered, animal, flower, striped or original patterns such as flames, fruits or embroidery. As for the style, you will find Korean sweatshirts cut in a chic, casual, streetwear or streetstyle style specific to Korean style, K-Fashion .

How to wear a Korean sweater?

The advantage of the Korean sweater is that it can be worn on everything, everywhere and in any season. The only thing that could be your difficulty in order to be well dressed is to find the right combination. But after all, it all depends on the style you want to flaunt and where you are going. To go to work, for example, you can wear the plain Korean sweatshirt over Korean pants or vintage jeans. For evening outings, for example, you can choose a vintage-style Korean sweatshirt that you will slip into a Korean mini-skirt associated with a pair of heeled ankle boots. In addition, you can combine accessories such as sneakers and caps with your Korean sweatshirt to display a street style.