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Stage name: Yeri
Real name: Kim Ye Rim 
Nickname: Squirtle, Yerina, Malgeumi
Nationality: Korean 
Age: 23 years old
Date of birth: March 5, 1999
Height: 158cm
Role / profession: Singer, composer, lyricist
Group: Red Velvet 
Fandom: ReVeluv

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Yeri, 23 years old, is the youngest (the maknae), of the KPOP group Red Velvet from the agency SM Entertainment. She joined the label in 2011 but she didn't debut at the same time as the other members, since when the band started she was too young. However, she is one of the members of the group who participated in the SMROOKIES project, which allowed her to become known to the public.

She therefore joined the group only a year and a half after their debut. But it was planned from the beginning because you can see it in the title clip “Happiness” if you look closely. The group Red Velvet therefore officially becomes a group of 5 members when the title “Ice-cream cake” is released on March 11, 2015. Unfortunately, a year after its debut, in 2016, it will have a car accident which will put its career on break, she will not be able to continue the promotional tour with the other members.

She was born in the capital of South Korea, Seoul and educated at Hanlim Multi Art School. She comes from a large family, she has three little sisters, and contrary to her position as the youngest in the group she is the oldest in her family.

Yeri, in spite of herself, has been embroiled in several scandals , for example when she posted a photo with the same emoji used by BTS 's Jungkook in the description on her Instagram, the fans of it did not appreciate and took it. accused of wanting to use that emoji to get attention, which he didn't, it was just an unfortunate coincidence.

But most of the scandals she is subject to are speculation about her love life , since 2018 we regularly see “evidence” appearing that shows that she is in a relationship with Taeyong from NCT , an idol from the same agency as her.

There are also plenty of other similar rumors with other people, but his agency never responded positively to his rumors or just never responded , so we assume that all his rumors are probably false.

In addition to being a singer , she is also an actress, she notably played in a film called "Blue Birthday" where she plays the role of Oh Ha Rin , the main character.


  • She loves to eat bread.
  • She loves Hello Kitty.
  • She is friends with TWICE 's Sana.
  • She is close to IU .
  • Her English name is Katy.
  • She speaks very good English.
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry and chocolate.
  • She likes to rap.
  • She likes to watch movies.
  • The other members say of her that she is the most sociable of them.
  • She has tattoos on her hands.
  • She swam.
  • She is known to be very curious.

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