Lightstick KPOP

Long ago, when first-generation idols like god, SES, or Shinhwa appeared, the best way to show fans' unity with their favorite artists was to wear an outfit in the colors of the official group. Then the modest marching bands showed up. But the days of using a simple glow stick at the concert are already over. Today we have something more sophisticated and we can distinguish the fandoms of the different groups. KPOP lightsticks are what we all want to be equipped with when we attend a concert or other event and cheer on our favorite artists.

Lightsticks come in different shapes and sizes and are specially designed to represent what comes to mind when thinking of a particular group. They often incorporate the band's official colors, logo, or name, letting us know instantly which artist the Lightstick actually belongs to. Looking at the Candy Bong Z for example, we can immediately spot the Twice logo which clearly indicates that the JYP Entertainment girl group owns it. Astro's official lightstick has the artist's logo on the top of the article and we can notice that the fanlight has been prepared especially for them just after a look. Sometimes the design evolves over time - BTS has already released several Army Bombs - the latest is the Special Edition Map Of The Soul .

What could be better than a KPOP Lightstick to show fans' love for their favorite artists? It is the symbol of unity and devotion. Even if a fan doesn't have the opportunity to attend the concert and use the glowstick there, they often decide to buy it anyway and keep it as a collector's item. It can thus become a very special and personal object to possess.

Specification of KPOP Lightsticks

The typical KPop fan light is powered by 3 (sometimes 2) AAA alkaline batteries which are hidden in a special compartment inside the handle. Sometimes the AAA batteries are replaced with an internal battery (as in the case of the Day6 Official Light Band). They can produce light that is usually white in color or colors related to a particular Kpop group or soloist and can work in different modes including flashing and flickering. The working time is between 4 and 7 hours. So you always have to remember a new set of batteries when you're getting ready for a gig. The red light coming out of your Lightstick may indicate that it is time to change the batteries.

In the package you will often find a few accessories such as a wrist strap or a felt bag. Less often, AAA batteries will be included. You will always receive a user manual with advice on the use of the purchased product and a guarantee. Sometimes a bonus is also added, like a set of 6 photo cards that comes with the first version of GFriend's Glass Marble Stick or a random photo card that you find with SF9's Jigu Bong.

Bluetooth light stick

Over time, new features are added to Lightsticks. Today, it is possible to connect your fanlight to a smartphone (with Android or iOS) via a Bluetooth connection . This can come in handy at the event venue, when pairing the stick to your seat number and connecting it to the central control. This will create a variety of beautiful light effects.

A Bluetooth connection can make it possible to control the Lightstick via a special application prepared especially for this object. In addition to helping enter seat information during the concert, she can also activate different color effects and unlock additional modes. A perfect example is the Seventeen app created for their Carat Bong. It can be downloaded for free online.

The other interesting features have also been integrated. Mamamoo 's official Lightstick can vibrate to give hearing and visually impaired people the signal to clap alongside other fans.

Of course, not all Kpop groups can have their own Lightstick. It always depends on the size of the band and their ability to organize a big event, like a solo concert, a show or a fan meeting. Some fans are still waiting for that to happen, like the CLC fan club for example. If you're a fan of a band that already owns their KPop lightstick, you can usually purchase it at the venue of the concert or event or at several online stores.