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50 Facts About BTS's Suga

All about BTS's SUGA / Min Yoon-Gi

1. Min Yoon-gi was born on March 9, 1993 in Daegu, 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

2. He is the main rapper of KPOP group BTS .

3. He became interested in rapping after listening to Stony Skunk's "Reggae Muffin," and decided to become a rapper after listening to Epik High's "Fly."

4. Before joining Big Hit Entertainment , Suga was an underground rapper whose stage name was Gloss .

5. In 2010, when he was part of the hip-hop team D-Town, he produced the song "518-062" in commemoration of the Gwangju uprising.

6. He originally joined Big Hit as a producer , not an idol .


7. When creating BTS, Big Hit CEO Bang Si-hyuk told Suga that he didn't need to dance and just rap. Suga then joked that he was "cheated" by Bang.

8. Suga won second place at the "Hit It" rap audition held by Big Hit Entertainment in 2010.

9. He started writing songs and working with synthesizers when he was 13. By age 17, he had worked part-time in a recording studio to learn how to produce. "There was no particular motivation to make music. I just had to do it," he says.

10. Despite his love for music, he didn't like studying music with textbooks in school.

11. Although he had various part-time jobs while studying music in Daegu, it was difficult for him to afford food and transportation. When he was in high school, he earned pocket money by arranging a school song.

12. He wore braces.

13. Suga has a driver's license.

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14. BTS songs produced by Suga include “Jump”, “Let Me Know”, “Boyz with Fun” and his own solo track “First Love”.

15. In his own song “140505 at Dawn,” Suga reveals that he suffered from mental issues, such as social phobia, depression, and obsession.

16. Suga loves basketball . He played basketball a lot when he was a student, and when he was an intern he played it every Sunday. His position was usually that of playmaker or shooter.

17. Due to his love for basketball, Suga had believed that he would reach a height of over 180 centimeters. However, after injuring his shoulders in a motorcycle accident before his debut, he couldn't exercise as much as before. He was making a delivery at the time of the accident.

18. He doesn't like to dance despite his talent. He also doesn't like noisy, crowded places.

19. He taught himself to play the piano.

20. Her blood type is O.

21. Suga loves taking pictures . He is currently a graduate in photography from Global Cyber ​​University.

22. All kinds of hair colors suit Suga due to his pale complexion.

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23. Suga may not seem very affectionate at first, as he is quite taciturn and doesn't smile much.

24. Suga is the quietest member of the group . When BTS was featured on Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show," he managed to sit on the couch while the rest of the group danced and jumped with Fallon.

25. Due to his direct and realistic personality, some of his mixtape songs contain hard-hitting words and critical lines.

26. According to J-Hope, he is one of the most caring members of BTS.

27. Suga would rather stay indoors than go out . According to his comrades, he likes to sleep and lie down; the only places he frequents are the studio, the dorm, and the broadcast station.

28. Once he hides in a studio, he rarely comes out; he literally "lives" there.

29. Although he is not an outgoing person, Suga has many famous friends , including Heechul from Super Junior , JB from GOT7 , Kang Daniel from Wanna One , Suran and Tablo from Epik High.

30. He lent his voice and wrote the rap part to Lee So-ra's "Song Request," engineered by Tablo.

31. He chose Jimin as the member he would like to take along if he were to live on a desert island for three years.

32. He wouldn't get involved in gambling and stocks.

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33. He is responsible for admonishing and educating young members.

34. He has an older brother, with whom he shares everything. In his "Skit" mixtape, Suga says his brother allowed him to make music because he trusted Suga. His brother was the first person Suga reached out to after he auditioned for Big Hit .

35. He feels happiest when working in the studio.

36. Suga has a habit of biting his nails.

37. Suga is a talker . He often becomes the host of the group's variety content, such as "Run BTS".

38. Although he doesn't have a tattoo, if he did, it would be a small dot on his toe. He hopes to do charity work in the future and fears tattoos will be viewed negatively.

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39. Even in the summer, he often wears long-sleeved shirts because he doesn't like being exposed to the sun.

40. Suga's ideal woman is one who listens to hip-hop and is calm and understanding - because he's a bit too shy. He favors personality over appearances.

41. He had a girlfriend before his debut, but they broke up after he became a trainee.

42. Her favorite Hollywood star is Scarlett Johansson .

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43. As a child, he wanted to become an architect.

44. Suga compares himself to a cat because he likes to be alone and doesn't mix easily with others.

45. Suga has a brown poodle named Holly , and he likes to take selfies with him.

46. ​​The first album he bought was an Eminem album .

47. The first thing he packs is his laptop so he can make music whenever and wherever he wants.

48. In January 2018, Suga became a full member of Korea Music Copyright Association

49. Suga's favorite color is white .

50. His motto is "I don't care..."

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