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Korean Drama for Valentine's Day

Today we are going to present you a small selection of Dramas, perfect for Valentine's Day. Whether you are in a relationship or single, I have chosen five romances that are really too pretty.

The dramas that we are going to present to you are not very recent and are not dramas that we are always used to hearing about but that we really like.

We're going to start with, in my opinion for Valentine's Day , an absolutely necessary drama:

My Secret Romance (2017 - 13 Episodes, Comedy, Romance)

my secret romance

My Secret Romance when it was released, it had a lot of talk because it lacked a lot of originality. There are quite a few people who have left negative reviews about it. Precisely because it was a drama that did not necessarily have any interest at first sight.

But me, I found that its lack of originality was quite compensated by colorful images, a vitaminized script, a soft and tender alchemy and superb pretty music.

So, it's a drama that is once again based on the model of the rich man and the poor woman . With here, the son of a rich family who will fall under the spell of a young girl of modest origin and following certain circumstances, and after having drunk a little too much. The two end up spending the night together and the next day, upon waking up, when she realizes she slept with him, she runs away.

They will meet again three years later in a company where she has just been hired. And it turns out that the young man, precisely, with whom she had this adventure, is none other than, obviously, the boss of the company.

And in my eyes, the winning recipe for My Secret Romance is above all visual. We have absolutely magnificent landscapes, super beautiful actors , let's say it. A super cute romance with kisses. Really very, very hot, portrayed like that. It makes the drama very superficial. But I assure you that the romance is really too cute and just for that, it's really fun. And in my opinion, it's just way too perfect for Valentine's Day.

Queen in Hyun's Man (2012 - 16 Episodes, Fantasy, Romance)


Then I choose a classic Queen in Hyun's Man . Everyone loved this drama. It's a drama that literally looks like a fairy tale. We are really not in front of an ordinary romance. She has something more. It's really borderline, magical, magical. I don't really know how to explain, but it really is a drama that exudes something a bit exceptional. It tells the story of a man from the past who will land in our modern present and who will fall in love with a young contemporary woman lulled by absolutely magnificent music. We have a romance full of poetry. We have a lot of humor. I remember laughing a lot in this drama and we really had a great time. Because the drama is almost all rosy.

The only somewhat hard times, let's say, happen in the past. Precisely because we are at a time when everyone is fighting with swords, etc., it is really a drama that is in the image of its promotional posters. When you look at the poster, you feel all the magic that there can be in the drama and that is exactly what the drama brings to you.

Lucky Romance (2016 - 16 Episodes, Comedy, Romance)

lucky romance

Lucky Romance , it was a drama that you have to see only for its Romance precisely because the secondary intrigues did not necessarily interest the secondary characters will not necessarily interest. Me, it's really romance. Our two heroes who just fascinated me enormously. It tells the story of a young woman who lives in permanent sadness . She is convinced to bring bad luck and in an attempt to break the bad luck, she accumulates charms, talismans and prayers to try to get out of this vicious circle. She also tries to keep her distance from others because she is afraid that due to her bad karma, the people she loves will be hurt. And one day, because her sister is in a coma from an accident, a shaman tells her that if she ever wants to save her sister, she must spend the night with a boy born in the year of the Tiger .

Suddenly, our heroine is convinced that it is completely true, starts looking for a man born in the year of the Tiger to sleep with him. So of course, when you arrive in the drama and when you know the scenario, you say to yourself what I have fallen into!

The romance is really super warm, super magical, super bright. And it's definitely one of the cutest romances I've seen that year. Because frankly, it was so cute.

1% of Anything (2016 - 16 Episodes, Comedy, Romance)

1% of anything

This is the second version. It's not the original version and it's a little drama that had absolutely everyone talking well. People were unanimous about him. Everyone loved him. At first it seems like a classic story but in fact the more I advanced in the episodes, the more I realized why people had so much enthusiasm for this drama. Because actually, the main couple have so much chemistry. The main couple is so cute that the romance manages to make us limit, addicted to the drama.

And if the drama brings absolutely nothing to the genre, it puts us in a good mood. He gives us a good time and I think that's all we ask of him.

Marriage Contract (2016 - 16 Episodes, Romance, Melodrama)

marriage contract

And then, for the 5th drama that I recommend for Valentine's Day, here is a drama that is really a little sadder so that it has something for everyone. This is Marriage Contract which is a little gem. This is the story of a woman who has a little girl. Who discovers that she has a brain tumor and that she does not have very long to live to try to save her daughter. She will by all means try to find someone who could support her. And for that, she is ready for anything, even to sell her organs. And she will find a man who needs a liver to save his mother and who, in exchange for this liver, agrees to marry her and provide for the child's needs. Except that you suspect that the heroine does not say that she has a brain tumor, that the two are going to fall in love and that, suddenly, this marriage which is at the base, was only supposed to be really a arrangement between two parties becomes something that will make both characters suffer. But it was such a pretty romance and really, I recommend it to you and it's a job that is also very family-oriented. Because it's actually going to be a blended family with this little girl and it's really too cute. I have really strong memories of this drama. And suddenly, inevitably, you will cry. It's not always very funny to watch this drama, but at the same time, the romance is really beautiful and I thought that for Valentine's Day, it could be really good.

So there you go, don't hesitate to tell us in the comments if you've seen these dramas? Which drama did you choose for Valentine's Day?

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