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ENHYPEN: Members of the KPOP group

ENHYPEN (엔 하이픈) is a new KPOP group consisting of 7 young idols who managed to survive the idol survival competition: "I-LAND", created under the name BE: LIFT Lab, jointly created by Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM Entertainment .

ENHYPEN stands for bond, discovery and future growth . The name comes from “ Hyphens ”, which have an important role especially at the beginning of sentences. At the same time, it connects and associates words that don't fit on the line into sentences with a bottom line. Similar to “Hyphen” ( hyphen/apostrophe ), ENHYPEN expresses how members discover each other , connect with each other, and continue to grow together.

Get to know the members


Jungwon enhypen

As the designated leader , 16-year-old Jungwon will serve as the group's spokesperson and guide the boys through the ups and downs of the music industry. After debuting as a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment , the up-and-coming artist topped the latest episode of I-LAND with over 1.4 million votes . During an interview, he explained that his goal for ENHYPEN was to " become the best artist in the world! ".


jay enhypen

Born in the United States , Jay moved back to South Korea when he was nine years old. In an interview with Forbes, he revealed that his English is now quite rusty, but he promises, "I will do my best to improve my Korean, English and Japanese to better communicate with the fans!" Jay is also known for his skillful dance moves among I-LAND contestants. Apart from his idol duties, Jay is also a real cooking star, as he plays the role of the chef who has fun cooking for everyone on the show.


sunghoon enhypen

Apart from music, Sunghoon has also distinguished himself on the ice by mesmerizing the public with his skating skills. Nicknamed the "Prince of Figure Skating", the multi-talented artist was twice a national junior silver medalist and represented South Korea in several international competitions. It wasn't until he saw BTS in concert that the former competitive skater wanted to become an idol.


Jake enhypen

Born in Brisbane , Australia, Jake is effectively bilingual: he is fluent in English and Korean. The teen idol went straight from being a high school student in Australia to a student in I-LAND. Passionate about music since childhood, Jake has been playing the violin for years , but he revealed in an interview, "I haven't practiced for almost a year, but I'd like to get back into performing. in front of my fans one day!". Jake is also known for the seductive voice behind narrating ENHYPEN's debut and concept trailers so far.


sunoo enhypen

Sunoo was specially chosen by I-LAND producers and industry insiders who appeared on the show, including Big Hit CEO Bang Si-Hyuk, to join ENHYPEN. During his time on the show, viewers were blown away by his incredible vocal palette as he effortlessly touched the ends of the vocal spectrum. The 17-year- old also revealed recently that he grew up with health issues and even underwent surgery last year while training for the show.


heesung enhypen

Before joining I-LAND, Heesung trained with the members of TXT when he was a trainee at Big Hit, which also gave him experience in songwriting and composing . Described by the agency as the “ core of our performance ,” Heesung will take on the role of the eldest , offering guidance to group leader Sungwon. "We have to build leadership together, as a team. Every member of the team has to have leadership and take action to help that role, not just with words but really to help the leader so that the whole team succeed.


niki enhypen

As the group's maknae (youngest member), 14-year-old Ni-ki is from Okayama , Japan. He was awarded the title of " I-LAND's best dancer " when he was able to memorize an entire choreography in ten minutes. The talent that emanates from this budding star should not be underestimated. According to an interview with Teen Vogue, Ni-ki's parents also own a dance studio in Japan , and it's where he learned to dance jazz and ballet.

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