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Stage name : Han
Real name : Han Ji Seong
Nickname : Squirrel
Nationality : Korean
Age : 21 years old
Date of birth : September 14, 2000
Height : 169cm
Role / profession : Main rapper, composer, singer
Group : Stray Kids
Fandom : Stays

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Han , whose real name is Han Ji Seong , is the rapper, singer and songwriter of the K-pop group Stray Kids . He was born in Incheon , South Korea but lived and studied in Malaysia . His dream being to integrate the Korean music industry he decides to stay there for a year when he returns to South Korea to take an exam , it was actually an agreement he made with his parents which was to spend a year in South Korea and if he was not taken in an agency during this year he would have to return to Malaysia and continue his studies.

So he did several auditions then one day when he and his friend were auditioning for a company they heard that there were auditions at JYP Entertainment , but he didn't think he was taken he even said "Me? Over there? I can't do it" but together with his friend they decide that they would at least go and see to spot some celebrities.

Even if he didn't believe it, he still passed the auditions and was taken on the label , in which he was a trainee (trainee) for three years before joining the Stray Kids show and then debuting at both as an official member of Stray Kids .

Later after debuting with his group, he joined the sub-unit named 3RACHA , formed of three members with Bang Chan, Changbin and him. They have released several mixtapes , some of which have become very famous , the one he prefers the most is " Runner's High " because it is the one that made them known , it is also the favorite song of the other members of 3RACHA.

He explained that he wanted to become a singer because he likes to tell a story through a song or convey a message.
The members complain about him because he is very noisy and speaks loudly however this is also what they appreciate about him because thanks to his carrying voice , when he raps we hear him very well and we understand him well too and it is an asset for the group.

He is a fan of horror movies and it is a passion he shares with Changbin however he does not like haunted houses , his hobbies are watching movies while eating cheesecakes.


  • He has a big brother .
  • His role model is Zico from Block B
  • His favorite color is red
  • He learns the choreographies very quickly.
  • He trained at the DEF Academy which is a dance academy.
  • The other members say he runs very fast .
  • He does not hate any dish and eats everything.
  • He listens to music to help him fall asleep.
  • Felix gave him a stuffed animal and he called him Toto
  • His favorite season is winter.
  • He knows how to imitate Doraemon, a cartoon character.
  • He can speak fluent English and a little Malaysian.
  • His motto is "this too shall pass".

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