Hyuna and Dawn are the iconic couple in the K-Pop industry but also one of the rarest , because if you don't know , romantic relationships in this industry are not accepted by fans . Each suspicion or relationship announcement creates a huge scandal that can lead artists to loss , they then find themselves having to choose between their career and their relationships , and often it is their career that wins. That's why the couple of Hyuna and Dawn is so famous, because they have not made a choice, they have combined their relationships and their careers and in fact have a strength.

Their relationship started in 2016 , they met at the offices of Cube Entertainment a year ago when Dawn was still an intern/trainee, and like all couples in this industry they tried to hide their relationship but everything did not work out. proceeded as planned. But how did they get there?

dawn and hyuna

Their journeys

Today everyone knows Hyuna and Dawn as a couple , when one of them is invited to a show they ask him about the other, even if they are not a duo and are solo artists. But before being a couple and a solo artist they were in k-pop groups .

Dawn is a composer, lyricist, singer, rapper and choreographer, he made his debut in 2016 with the KPOP group Pentagon which is managed by Cube Entertainment.

As for Hyuna , she made her debut much earlier, in 2007 with the group Wonder Girls which had a lot of success, then she left the group but also her agency to join the Cube Entertainment label and joined the group 4Minute in 2008 . she will leave in 2016.

In 2017 she and Dawn got together to form a band called TRIPLE H with fellow Pentagon member Hui, but unfortunately it wasn't a good idea for their relationship, which they had been trying to hide for over a year. That's when rumors about their relationship started circulating, and it became impossible to hide it.

Indeed during the performances their rapprochements were very displeasing to the fans, and they ended up announcing their relations publicly in order to put an end to the rumors, unfortunately this caused more problems than we solved. First it led to a war between the international fans and the Korean fans , then their label's shares fell dramatically, it also ended the Triple H group , and many Pentagon fans demanded to be reimbursed for their concert ticket.

Dawn and Hyuna ended up leaving the label and at the same time taking a break from their careers. It was not until 2019 that they integrated the P. Nation label of the famous singer PSY and resumed their activities. Hyuna released the track “Flower Shower” and Dawn released the track “Money” . Then a little later the couple released an album together , a first in the history of k-pop, the album was very well received by the public .

What becomes of the couple today?

Today they devote themselves to their solo career , thanks to their agency they can affirm their styles and show themselves as they are. You can see it in their music videos that they are in their element and love what they do. Regarding their couples, from their photos they seem very happy and fulfilled and good news for the fans, the couple got engaged a few months ago, we are now waiting for the wedding!

hyuna and dawn

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