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If the second edition of Queendom seems to interest a greater number of viewers than the other seasons, Internet users see their fears confirmed with the first episode.

Several weeks ago, Viviz fans were concerned about the band's participation in the tv show.
The netizens were afraid that SinB was one of the victims of the famous evil editing of the MNET.
The practice of associating reactions or comments with unrelated situations in order to create buzz.

Netizens were particularly concerned about SinB, as the idol is known for his rather cold facial expressions and his habit of frowning in any situation.

If SinB comforts the fans by saying pay attention to his face when the competition begins, it is his words that have unfortunately been hijacked.

However Yeoreum later speaks out on V App and confirms MNET's evil editing . In fact, COSMIC GIRL 's reactions had nothing to do with SinB's comments. Besides, these remarks were purely humorous and everyone had grasped it on the set.

Some think the show goes too far in exploiting every comment that might get buzzed about.
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