Ulzzang: What is it?

Ulzzang, is a popular South Korean term that literally means "best face" or "beautiful kid". A person seeking ulzzang status will enter contests where their photos are judged and chosen by voters to gain popularity on social media. This trend is practiced by both men and women.

If you browsed the internet in the early 2000s, especially the fashion and makeup web pages, you've probably come across or seen a few of their photos at least once. To sum up their presence on the internet at that time, I would say that they were the influencers of the 2000s. They were the computer people, their photos are scattered all over the web, and their style of clothing and makeup has become one of the most widespread.

2020 has given us instagram models with photos taken by professionals and YouTubers to consult for inspiration in terms of fashion, style and make-up. But back then, we only had these internet celebrities and their photos taken by themselves, poor backgrounds, natural lighting, and simple, comfortable clothes.

Even though they reached their peak in the early 2000s, we can still see the impact that their fashion and their makeup have left until today. Let me introduce you to Ulzzang."

What is an Ulzzang?

ulzzang picture

The Korean term ulzzang translates to "best face", and commonly refers to a person with a beautiful face . They are not necessarily celebrities or models, but normal citizens, men or women, who tell their stories. If one wishes to be discovered as an ulzzang, the popular Korean forum like Daum Cafe and social networking sites like Cyworld have launched Ulzzang Cafes which serves as a page of beauty ranking . It became even more popular after the launch of Haduri , which is a webcam app and photo-sharing platform designed to cater to Ulzzang culture (think Instagram).

THE Ulzzang look is probably the epitome of the no-makeup look, very similar to the style used by Koreans until today. The focus is usually on stunningly flawless skin paired with natural eye shadow tones and soft colored eyeliner, light blush and lipstick.

The Ulzzangs may be known for being the "best face", but the term is not limited to be pretty and attractive . The Ulzzangs are also quite well known for their fashion sense . Their fashion style is a mixture of comfort and fashion , and most of the time (maybe even all of the time) it's aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The Ulzzang know the perfect combination of colors and patterns, which makes their outfits a sought-after inspiration .

korean t shirt

The best way to be inspired and recreate the "Ulzzang look" is that this fashion trend is usable every day of your life. The makeup can be used in both formal and casual settings, and appeals to students as well as active young adults. Their style in fashion is not not as flashy and is actually very comfortable if you're just trying to enjoy a nice day. You might turn heads with even a few simple matching pieces.

Ulzzang Boy

Here are some photos of ulzzang boy that might give you an idea of ​​what kind of inspiration fans may be looking for when deciding to follow these personalities.

ulzzang boyUlzzang boy

Ulzzang Girl

The Ulzzang Girls are also very sought after and very inspiring here are some photos of pretty models of their simplicity.

ulzzang modelulzzang girlulzzang woman

Now that we've done the roundup, let's discuss in depth what to expect if you decide to take a walk in ulzzang fashion.

Ulzzang makeup

Ulzzang Makeup

If you look at it from the front, you might think that the ulzzang makeup is a Very simple and effortless makeup . It is true that it is not that complicated when you look at it, but like all other makeup trends in the fashion world, there are always key elements and products to achieve that particular look. .

First, the skin. It plays an important role in achieving a perfect, youthful and luminous look. But that doesn't mean you have to apply full-coverage foundation to your face. Instead, ulzzangs use a very light BB (Blemish Balm) cream and concealer to hide blemishes. BB creams are incredibly light on the face. Using BB creams instead of foundation really makes you look like you're wearing no makeup at all. This kind of tips are nice to know, you don't see them in beauty tutorials .

ulzzang eye shadow

Second, the eyes. Ulzzangs are famous for their baby doll eyes . If you already have one, you can skip to the next step. If you really want to have big deer eyes, one solution is to use circle-shaped contact lenses. Not only do they give you doll eyes, but you can also opt for colored lenses which will give you more depth to your gaze.

Third, and still on the topic of the eyes, is your eye shadow. Ulzzang makeup , as we mentioned, is generally done from lightest to most natural . Pinks and natural shades of brown and taupe are always the safest colors if you want effortless makeup. However, even though light and natural makeup is the most common , that doesn't mean that ulzzang makeup can never try the darker, smokier look . If the TPO (time, place and occasion) calls for a more sultry and seductive look, a smoky eye with dark brown undertones or perhaps a burgundy color is also a good choice.

As you can see, how you choose your eye shadow theme actually depends on the look you're going for. But the next thing I'm going to mention will always be present, regardless of the OPC, and that's eyeliner. You can put more emphasis on your eye by lining it with your trusty eyeliner. Depending on your look, you can opt for a thinner line or a little thicker. If you want the "cat eye" look, you can draw a line on your lower eyelids, which will give you a chic look .

We have put so much effort into the eyes that it is only justified to do everything to make them stand out as much as possible. So apply your mascara or use false eyelashes. A word of advice though, stay as far away as possible from those false eyelashes, which are plentiful and dramatic. Whenever possible, stick to natural lashes or, if you're not a fan, invest in a really good mascara to highlight your natural lashes.

Fashion Ulzzang


The best word to describe ulzzang fashion is Korean streetwear . Of course, there can be occasional evening dresses if you are interested. Don't forget, TPO. But, most of the time, ulzzang fashion comes down to comfortable, trendy and basic clothes . By basic, I mean shirts , shorts , and sneakers . It all comes down to a mix and match of clothes and how you style them.

Now that you know these are basic items, you may have rushed through your closet wondering where to start, and once again, I'm here to give you advice!

korean skirt

One, and don't be surprised. An oversized shirt and you read well. You might have one or two pieces of oversized shirts in your closet, maybe it's because you ordered the wrong size but fear not! You have now found the fashion that revolves around oversized shirts which are actually beautiful and fashionable. The basic style of an oversized shirt is to tuck it into your butt and it looks especially good if your butt is high waisted. Oversized hoodies are another type of clothing that might make you feel like an ulzzang. They hide your figure, but give you that comfortable, cute and simple look.

ulzzang high waisted bottoms

Speaking of high waisted trouser bottoms, this is also a staple of ulzzang fashion. But who doesn't like high asses? First, they hide and compress the flabby parts of our bellies, the love handles which? Then they hug our waists and show off our curvy hips. Thirdly, they show off our legs and if you are one of those with long legs, I am sure high waisted bottoms look good on you. These are best paired with tucked shirts , or if you're feeling a little summery, you can also pair your high-waisted pant bottoms with pant tops .

Since we mostly talk about ulzzang fashion as casual streetwear , let's not forget about our most beloved sneakers. I tell you, nothing can go wrong with a good pair of sneakers . And to be really honest, they look really pretty when paired with just about anything. There are even party dresses that look fabulous with a nice pair of sneakers.

So that's it! These are the basic tips for getting into ulzzang fashion and doing your hair. This is probably one of the easiest fashion styles you can venture into. You can use the clothes you already have at your disposal. To get a clearer idea of ​​which clothes go well together, you can check out YouTube and search for ulzzang fashion. If you want a step by step tutorial on ulzzang makeup, Youtube has plenty too! References are everywhere, it's hard not to be inspired by them.

Remember that the main point of ulzzang fashion is to emphasize its simplicity and casualness. Both makeup and clothes require staples and it's really up to you to mix and match them. Simplicity and comfort are essential. Once you understand which pieces go well together and which pieces don't, ulzzang fashion is as easy as 1,2,3!

korean dress

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