V surpris entrain de fumer

V caught smoking

1 minutes de lecture

During the red carpet, V was caught smoking backstage . A fan decided to take a photo and share it on social media.

Basically, the shot provokes many different feelings among netizens.

Some think it's no big deal, Taehyung is an adult, so he does what he pleases.

Others are disappointed to see the idol setting a bad example and further degrading his health as a result.

On the form, opinions are also divided.
Some Internet users claim that it is a lack of respect to take a photo of the idol without his authorization and in his privacy.
Another part claims that the event is public and therefore everyone is allowed to take pictures.

The ARMYs for their part claim that the photos taken without their knowledge must be deleted. To which some people reply that many idols have their photos taken against their will - including members of BTS - but have never complained about it. If the photos of V smoking are to be deleted, it would prove that he did indeed do something wrong.

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