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50 Facts About BTS's Jin

All About BTS's Jin/Kim Seok-Jin

1. His full name is Kim Seok-jin .

2. He was born on December 4, 1992, in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province.

3. His family consists of his parents and an older brother.

4. He is the oldest member of BTS .

5. He started attending Konkuk University in Seoul in 2011, and graduated in 2017 majoring in theater and film.

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6. He is the band's sub-vocalist and often has solo vocal parts on title tracks. BTS songs are often characterized by a strong beat that the group can dance to, and Jin usually takes the softer, more vocal-focused parts. Fans say that of all the band members, he is the best at expressing his emotions through song .

7. He is good at high notes , for example in "Crystal Snow", which has a high chorus.

8. He composed part of the song "Awake" on BTS's second official album "Wings", which was released in 2016. This song was ranked second on global music streaming website Spotify in February 2017.

9. He carries a notepad, which he uses as a diary and also to jot down ideas for lyrics.

10. He wrote some of the lyrics for BTS' fourth EP, "Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 2."

11. He released a cover of " In Front of the Post Office in Autumn " by Korean rock band YB , which became an instant hit on SoundCloud.

jin piano

12. He plays piano and pipe organ. In 2018, he sang and played piano simultaneously for the song "Epiphany".

13. He is well known for his athletic gifts, which include proficiency in snowboarding, tennis, and golf . On a local TV show, he even managed to wakeboard on his first try.

14. He started playing the guitar in 2017. In a 2018 interview, he said mastering the guitar was one of his personal goals for the year. It is not known whether he achieved this goal.

15. His dancing wasn't so good when he was a beginner. According to fans, he seemed awkward. Until 2016, he was never placed in a central position nor had any solo dance parts, but in "Wings", he impressed fans with his vastly improved dancing skills.

jin concert

16. Despite his past weakness as a dancer, Jin won praise from his fans and fellow students as a choreographer. He choreographed major parts of "Spine Breaker," and in a V Live show, he even improvised amazing dance moves on the spot at the request of his castmates.

17. According to the Japanese BTS fan club, Jin thought about becoming a journalist until his junior year of high school. The following year, he changed his plans and took up acting after being moved by Kim Nam-kil's acting on the Korean drama "Queen Seondeok."

18. He received an offer from KPOP giant SM Entertainment while in middle school. He passed the first audition, but decided not to take the next step because he thought the offer was a scam.

19. He eventually became a K-pop idol so he could have diverse experiences.

20. He was voted "the most beautiful male face in the world" in a poll conducted by the Czech doll company CzDollic in 2018. He beat 18,000 competitors from 58 countries. Of the 1.5 million people who voted, over a million voted for Jin . According to the company, he has "an oval face that looks symmetrical from any angle."

21. According to Arirang TV, he was also chosen as the most handsome idol by his K-pop colleagues.

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22. His school photos were leaked by his classmates, who called him “Seok-jin Seonbae.” "Seonbae" is an honorary title, which indicates respect.

23. Jin received many nicknames online because his photos went viral. He was dubbed "the guy getting out of the car" after a video of him getting out of a car at the 2015 Melon Music Awards surfaced online. The hashtag "#Third member from the left" became popular on Twitter after the May 2017 Billboard Awards. When the group had their photo taken with the Chainsmokers, Jin was dubbed "Grey hoodie in the middle."

24. In February 2018, an anonymous foreign plastic surgeon who had analyzed 269 Asian male faces concluded that Jin's face exemplified the " golden ratio " of 1:1.618. This is the ratio between the distance between the singer's ears and the distance between the root of his hair and his chin.

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25. With his 179 centimeters, he is the second tallest member of the group.

26. He is the first to launch his own show “Eat Jin Live” on BTS’s V Live channel.

27. He is the cook of the group. He often shares his cooking through his blog and the V app.

28. Jin is a picky eater . For example, he likes strawberries but does not eat strawberry flavored foods, while he likes chocolate flavored foods but does not eat chocolate.

29. He brags about being a big eater: eating big is the only thing he can do better than any of his bandmates. He eats about eight meals a day, he once wrote, and can eat about 600 grams of meat at a time.

jin eats

30. His ideal wife is a kind and understanding woman who can cook well.

31. Jin says he got over his distaste for mushrooms after eating RM's traditional Korean-style rice with mushrooms.

32. According to fans, he started blowing kisses to the public around September 2016. Fans say his new practice started with their song “Fire,” which includes a move where Jin blows kisses.

33. He loves lame jokes , aka "Dad Jokes," a topic even Billboard tweeted.

34. He reportedly bought an 87.56 square meter house in one of Seoul's most luxurious apartment complexes, Hannam The Hill. The price is said to have exceeded 2 billion won ($1.8 million). The other members of the boy band currently live together in larger accommodations in the same complex.

35. He wants to name his future child "Yu-sun" , named after Liu Bei's son, Liu Shan, in "The Story of the Three Kingdoms".

36. His distant goal is to become a farmer . He lived the life of a farmer on his uncle's strawberry farm for a few months when he was in college.

37. His beloved childhood dog, a Maltese mix named Jjanggu, lived with Jin and his family for 12 years and passed away in September 2018.

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38. He currently owns two sugar gliders, Eomuk and Odeng. Both names come from Korean words for fishcakes.

39. He only has one pierced ear .

40. The shape of his finger bones is a little weird. His joints are a bit larger and protrude more than average.

41. He is good at using his feet. He demonstrated this unique skill by playing games with his bandmates on V Live. In a TV show, he opened snack packets with his toes.

42. He has monoliths, which means his eyelids don't have a crease.

43. Her favorite color is pink . His second album even shows him with pink hair.

jin pajamas

44. He has a driver's license.

45. His favorite hobby is playing video games . He particularly likes the MMORPG "Maplestory". According to local media interviews, he started playing this game when he was 14 years old. He temporarily stopped his studies at the university, but he resumed them to overcome the difficult times he experienced after his debut.

46. ​​The first album he bought with his own money was "Gee" by Girls' Generation .

47. He is good friends with Sandeul from B1A4 and Ken from VIXX, and they are all the same age.

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48. He is the only BTS member whose stage name can be written in hanja, which is Chinese characters used in Korean.

49. He lived in Australia for a short time when he was in college. He opened up about it for the first time, even to his bandmates, in a video from the 2019 season, saying he was ashamed of his poor English.

50. He says his goal in life is to be happy , and he has achieved this goal because he is loved by so many people. He now wants to share his happiness with others.

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