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Jimin Cute

Park Ji Min or Jimin is one of the most popular South Korean singers, songwriters and dancers today. He is also a member of the most popular Korean boysband KPOP or also known as BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) . On the other hand, this group has become very popular not only in Korea but also in France and even in the world.

Nevertheless, Jimin was born on October 13, 1995 and he is currently 25 years old. This performer is 173cm tall and weighs around 60kg. Moreover, he was born in Busan, which makes Jimin South Korean by birth.

Because of his talents, looks, and positive attitude, many people like him. If you're a big fan of this artist, you probably already know what makes Jimin so cute . But if you're not a big fan and you're starting to like it, then this article is for you.

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Why is Jimin so cute?

We've compiled 10 Reasons Why Jimin Is So Cute . You will also find compilation videos in which he appears.

1. Jimin's charm is seductive

There is no doubt that Jimin's charm is very seductive and simply irresistible, which makes him look cute . If you are really a big fan, you surely know that his charm, his interviews and even his stage presence have allowed Jimin to find himself among the top trends of Twitter several times around the world. In fact, the way he breathed on stage in Los Angeles went viral.

2. He has an angelic smile

We all know that an angelic smile is one of the easiest yet most effective techniques to change a person's day and Jimin does it both on and off camera. In fact, this is one of the many reasons why it easily grabs people's attention . His angelic smile makes him even cuter and many women have fallen in love with him time and time again.

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3. He thinks he's pretty when he's dressed as a lady

While most gentlemen feel embarrassed and uncomfortable dressing as a woman , Jimin thinks otherwise. He thinks he looks pretty dressed like a girl. To all his fans around the world, you know, he's not entirely wrong.

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4. Jimin is the person people mostly talk about when they are in trouble and feeling down

Jimin proved that women aren't the only ones who know how to give advice when someone else is struggling with their problem.

In fact, BTS members V, Suga, Jungkook, RM, Jin, as well as J-Hope have often agreed that Jimin is the person they go to when they have problems or need someone to talk to. 'A. V, on the other hand, talked about the importance of their friendship , as Jimin is there for him at all times.

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5. He is endearing

According to RM, Jimin is the type of person who needs a lot of attention and love . In general, clingy people tend to get along with people they would cling to. Moreover, they are friendly and cute, which makes other people want to be close to them.

Anyway, Jimin's behavior of covering up on other BTS members' shoulders and giving them hugs back is cuter due to his short stature compared to the rest of the group.

jimin cute smile

6. He is the smallest member of BTS

Jimin is constantly teased by other BTS members because of his short stature and his hands. Did you know that the difference between the size of Jimin's hands and the distinctive V of his limbs is amazing? But, nevertheless, he looks so cute and small , especially when standing next to his friends.

On the other hand, the size of his shoulders, as well as his chest, is larger than Jin's. But what makes it even cuter? He can escape from all sorts of situations thanks to his small size and body.

7. Jimin is cute when he dances

Some people are cuter when they dance like Jimin from BTS is cute . As we said a while ago, he loves to dance, and in fact, he often trains with the Jungkook. Either way, they have strong dance chemistry.

jimin cute dance

8. There are things he would like to have from the other members

Most people, especially his fans and supporters, think Jimin is fine the way he is. But honestly, there are things he would like to have from the other members. You will definitely be surprised and find it adorable if you find out about these things. Either way, here are the things he wants:

  • Suga's diverse understanding and knowledge
  • J-Hope's Hygiene
  • The look and the talent of V
  • And the size of the Monster Rap or RM
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9. His favorite superhero is Hulk

In an interview, Jimin honestly confessed that out of all superheroes, Hulk is his favorite simply because everyone loves Iron Man. Nonetheless, Jimin revealed that the main reason he chose said character is that he likes the way Hulk destroys everything without being difficult. Hulk isn't trying to be sneaky, he's just grabbing what's in front of him, Jimin added.

10. Jimin has a pleasant and seductive voice.

Jimin says his eyes are the most attractive part of his body . But a lot of people think it's his voice . In fact, in BTS, they all have strong voices. However. His voice is very similar to that of a nightingale. Note that we're not saying that the rest of the band has an unattractive, bad voice.

Moreover, you can feel his pleasant and seductive voice in different music like "Rain", "Best of Me", "Anpanman" and "Boyz with Fun".

jimin park jin

There is no doubt that Jimin is a very talented and beautiful person who has a good attitude not only towards his colleagues but also towards other people.

However, after reading the above information, do you think Jimin is the cutest one in BTS ?

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