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ATEEZ: Presentation of the KPOP group

In Asian countries, especially in South Korea, K-Pop is one of the musical genres that hit the headlines. It is particularly tendentious and sees at its head a musical group composed of 8 talented artists: ATEEZ. If you're a Korean pop fan, chances are you've danced to one of their many songs. It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the boy bands par excellence of this new generation.

ATEEZ: feedback on the concept for neophytes

The famous Wikipedia presents ATEEZ as a group of South Korean boys formerly known as KQ Fellaz. It is made up of 8 members who all share the same nationality, as if to show the solidarity of the South Korean people. For the little anecdote, the name ATEEZ is, in fact, an acronym.

It is taken from the English "À TEE nager Z", which means Teenagers, but especially "A to Z". In truth, the objective of the group is to evolve in the music by doing everything with enthusiasm like the soul of a teenager.

Focus on the members of the ATEEZ group

Since its creation until today, the group has 8 members who are as follows:

  • Hongjoong (Kim Hong-Joong): born on November 7, 1998, he is considered the precursor of the band. At 23, he remains the undisputed leader and keeps his caps of main rapper, lyricist, composer and singer. Personally, he is not a lover of green vegetables, peppers and his favorite colors are yellow and red.
  • Seonghwa (Park Seong-Hwa): he was born on April 3, 1998 and presents himself as the oldest of the group. Both a secondary and visual singer, he is an ASMR enthusiast and does not hesitate to build figurines to relax.
  • Yunho (Jeong Yun-Ho): a lead dancer and singer, he was born on March 23, 1999 at 10:30 p.m. in a Korean city. Unconditional fan of Harry Potter, she is presented as the energizer of the group.
  • Yeosang (Kang Yeo-Sang): At 22 years old, he is the singer, visual and secondary dancer of the group. His nickname is Hehe-mon and he has a birthmark on his left eye.
  • San (Choi San): Born on July 10, San is 22 years old and remains a secondary dancer and singer in the team. The young man is of the zodiac sign Cancer and graduated from a Korean arts high school. He also speaks Japanese and his hobbies are sports and sleeping.
  • Mingi (Song Min-Gi): He is the other main rapper and vocalist of ATEEZ. From the height of his 22 years, his favorite dish is chicken and he is a fan of saunas. His biggest phobia is insects and he has a slight back problem.
  • Wooyoung (Jung Woo-Young): Born on November 26, 1999, he is also a main dancer, vocalist and band visual. Her Chinese zodiac sign is the Earth Rabbit and her hobbies are collecting clothes. He also loves to bully Seonghwa and his go-to color is black.
  • Jongho (Choi Jong-ho): he is 21 years old and is the youngest member of the group. Still, Jongho is a lead singer and a graduate of Surak High School. His Chinese zodiac sign is the Golden Dragon he loves the music of Bruno Mars.

The birth of the ATEEZ group

We owe the creation of the ATEEZ group to Kim Hong-Joong. It all started in 2016 when the future leader of the band decided to send a letter and a mixtape to the production house KQ Entertainment. He expresses his desire to join the production company as an intern. He thus becomes the first trainee of the establishment and will be joined six months later by Yunho. It was finally later that the other members joined KQ Entertainment, especially as trainees.

Their first stage presence will take place in 2017 during the music show MIXNINE. The video of their performance is quickly going viral and currently has more than 15 million views on YouTube. The 8 boys managed to impress the public as well as the jury and find themselves promoted under the name of KQ Fellaz.

Very quickly, the group shines in the spotlight and connects TV shows as well as reality shows. We think in particular of their series of vlogs and the famous reality show Code Name is ATEEZ broadcast on July 20, 2018. They arouse great enthusiasm among the public and the video of a first project is teased on October 2. The public won't have expected much, because on October 24, 2018, ATEEZ released Treasure EP.1: All To Zero , their first mini-album.

A look back at ATEEZ's other flagship projects

Since the release of its first EP certified gold with more than 85,000 copies sold, ATEEZ has not rested on its laurels. Indeed, the boy band did not hesitate to offer various musical formats including albums and other mini-albums.

Between 2019 and 2021, 7 EPs and 2 albums are released. Although this entire discography has been well received, it is important to note that two projects have greatly upset the Korean k-pop industry. These include in particular:

  • Zero: Fever Part.1: an EP presented on July 28, 2020 and certified triple platinum with more than 350,000 sales.
  • Zero: Fever Part.2: released on March 1 , 2021, this second part remains at the top of trends with more than 500,000 sales, which represents a diamond disc.

On YouTube, he has 2.58 million subscribers worldwide for a global counter of 292,270. 230 million views. To this end, the clip for the song Wonderland remains the one with the greatest number of views, that is to say more than 100 million.

With all these statistics, it is impossible today to present the ATEEZ group as a team of novices. The boys have been particularly active for 3 years and have largely proven their supremacy in the South Korean music industry. There is no doubt that the 8 young men will continue to grow musically to further mark the future with their performance.

Hongjoong (Kim Hong-Joong): born on November 7, 1998, he is considered the precursor of the band. At 23, he remains the undisputed leader and keeps his caps of main rapper, lyricist, composer and singer. Personally, he is not a lover of green vegetables, peppers and his favorite colors are yellow and red.

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