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Everything you need to know about Lisa BLACKPINK

Lalisa Manoban , better known by her stage name Lisa, is part of the world's most famous female KPOP group, Blackpink . She is the youngest of the group, the maknae and certainly one of the best known in Blackpink as well as K-Pop culture .

She is a rapper, artist, and lead dancer from South Korea. Despite the fact that she raps and sings, her dancing skills are the best and worth mentioning! The mix of smooth body rolls, sharp kicks and mesmerizing looks has often made Blackpink's videos go viral. Lisa is also YG Entertainment 's first non-Korean artist.

She auditioned for YG when they held a series of tryouts in her home country in 2010. She is the only one who passed and signed up to become a trainee in April 2011. Today, she has become a world superstar and has mesmerized countless people just by her alluring face. She got second place in the most beautiful faces of 2020 ranking. There are her 74.2 million fans on Instagram, her embassies with Bulgari and Celine, her work as an artist and rapper in the group Blackpink, and currently , there's his debut song, " Lalisa ," which reached No. 1 on iTunes charts in 60 countries and became the fastest track by a K-pop soloist to reach 100 million views, a feat completed in just two days.

Here are ten intriguing things about Lisa, the global K-pop star.

1. Lisa legally changed her name after a fortune teller encouraged her to.

If you're keen to know the intricacies behind the BLACKPINK star's name change, Lisa was originally called Pranpriya Manoban, which implies Beloved Soul. After a fortune teller advised her to change her name to "Lalisa" because it would bring her better luck, Lisa and her family made up their minds. When you see how great she is now, you think it really worked! I need the clairvoyant's number!

Their decision was further explained in a post on electronic media, stating that "Pranpriya" had a risky letter set and vowels that did not match Lisa's direction and birthday. Changing a name after birth is certainly not another thing in Thailand, especially if the individual recognizes that it will help them work on their life.

2. Blackpink's main non-Korean person.

By ethnicity, Lisa is Thai and was raised in Thailand, which makes her the main non-Korean person in Blackpink. The names of his parents have not been released to the general public. However, her stepfather is Marco Bruschweiler, who is a prestigious Swiss cook in Thailand. Blackpink is recognized for the variety of backgrounds of its members, each bringing unique abilities to the group. Jennie was born in Korea but raised in New Zealand. Rosé was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia.

3. Lisa can speak four languages

Growing up in Thailand and living in South Korea made Lisa an expert in Thai and Korean , as well as English, Japanese, and some basic Chinese. When Lisa moved to South Korea in 2011 to try to become a K-pop idol , she was unable to speak any Korean. She learned the language while finishing her K-pop prep.

Other members of Blackpink are also fluent in different dialects, including English, Japanese, and Chinese. They also recorded some Japanese language songs for Blinks .

4. She's anxious about needles

If Lisa isn't anxious about performing in front of a large group on gigantic stages like Coachella, she's one of those people who might raise a white flag over the needles.
All things considered, Lisa Unnie is simply a human being with her own fears. She revealed to the crowd during a V Live chat room that she passed out right in Rose's lap after getting a flu shot .

5. She owns the title of K-pop dancing queen.

Over 60% of members voted in favor of Lisa on CHOEADOL , an app where individuals vote in favor of various categories, when they asked the local region which female icon deserved the title "Dancing Queen".
Also, her bandmates carefully followed behind her. The top four names on CHOEADOL's chart are all members of BLACKPINK , which convinces us to imagine that their dance practices are as remarkable as they are satisfying.

6. Lisa appeared in Taeyang's Ringa Linga music video.

Before BLACKPINK and BTS, there was BIGBANG.

By the mid-2010s, BIGBANG was hitting the charts across the globe. Indeed, the most up-to-date people in K-pop being a fan would perceive part of the names of their individuals: G-Dragon and Taeyang.

Lisa really starred in a music video for one of Taeyang's most famous singles, Ringa Linga. To date, the clip has been viewed over 120 million times.

Ringa Linga reached number three on the Billboard "US World Digital Songs" chart, and number six on the Gaon chart in South Korea.

7. She was part of a dance team before entering the world of K-pop.

Although she is a gifted rapper and entertainer , Lisa is also Blackpink's lead artist , due to her background as a young girl on a dance crew in Thailand. She then entered the YG Entertainment competition in 2010 at the age of 13, where she cut her teeth and transformed into a learner of YG Entertainment.

Now, after some time in the making, it's her "mixture of dancing, slashing and bewitching stares that has frequently become the subject of Blackpink's viral recordings", reports Time magazine.

8. Lisa owns five cats and a puppy.

When she's not dominating the charts or the web, Lisa spends time with her furballs. The K-pop icon is the mother of Luca, Leo, Lily and Louis. In addition to her kittens , she also has a dog named "Love". The Blinks find them absolutely adorable!

9. Lisa loves makeup

Lisa seriously loves cosmetics . She really likes to explore different avenues in terms of cosmetics. In a meeting, Blackpink members said that Lisa is the party that owns the most cosmetic items. For a while, Lisa was blamed for having plastic surgery to make her nose look slimmer, but that's undeniably untrue and the members of Blackpink think Lisa knows how to skillfully use cosmetics to make her nose look thinner. his more refined nose.

10. She is famous for her fashion

Lisa is the global ambassador for French fashion brand Celine and Italian extravagance brand Bvlgari. On her Instagram, which has nearly 60 million fans, you can also find her different styles, which range from the "spitfire" style to street and stage outfits.

Her presentation sparked an outcry from her fans on Twitter, with many communicating their enthusiasm for the artist and pointing out that in one scene the models wore their hair short with bangs, proving that Lisa might just be the dream of chief innovation officer Hedi Slimane.

If you're still not smitten with her, check out LISA's beloved Ehehe aegyo. She does it in a cute way with delicious hand movements and an "Ehehe" sound. She usually makes people smile and once in a while they follow her aegyo. No wonder the Blinks love it!

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