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Jeon So-Mi Leaks Blackpink's New Title?

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On March 2, Jeon So-mi decided to hold an Instagram live to chat with her fans. During the live we could see Somi walking around the premises of THE BLACK LABEL .

But then something happened!

When the idol opened one of the doors of a recording studio, viewers could hear a completely unknown melody.

Quickly they assume that the extract comes from the new title of Blackpink . Indeed the voice seemed to be that of Jennie.
And the reaction of the artist suggests that it was indeed a question of that.

But what confirmed the netizens' doubts was the behavior of the YG.
The latter deleted all the videos containing the extract leaked by SO-MI, invoking copyright.

But good this intervention allows at least to give a little hope to the impatient BLINKS.

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