Cube Rompt le contrat avec Soojin de (G)I-DLE

Cube breaks contract with (G)I-DLE's Soojin

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It is despair that grips the Neverlands .

For those who haven't been made aware, Soojin has been dropped from GI-DLE.
The reason ? Well it would seem that she would have been a stalker during her schooling .
If the idol's guilt was not proven, Soojin's detractors were not condemned for defamation.

Despite the fact that Soojin was let go from IDLE, she was still bound to CUBE by her contract.

However, while the 5-member comeback was confirmed for this month by the agency, the latter, on March 05, also announced some sad news.

In a press release, the label claims to terminate Soojin's contract . He also adds that he made this choice while respecting the decision of the police who, I remind you, had not condemned the accusers, for lack of evidence, for having defamed the artist.

So it's official Soojin is no longer a member of G(I)-dle

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