NU'EST : JR, Ren et Aron quittent PLEDIS Entertainment

NU'EST: JR, Ren and Aron leave PLEDIS Entertainment

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Nu'est disband 뉴이스트 NEW IST Pledis recently released a press release announcing that the disband follows the departure of JR (jay Are), Aron and Ren from the label. He also specifies that Baekho and Minhyeon had decided to renew their contract.

It is therefore after 10 years of activity that the group decides to separate. But before that the boys decide to send a last letter to the fandom. This is how each member posts a handwritten letter on Weverse , in order to thank all the fans for their support during all these years.

However many Internet users seem troubled by the behavior of the HYBE .
After the disband announcement, a netizen posted an online post with the title: "HYBE really destroys bands".

In the post in question, the Internet user writes that after acquiring SOURCE MUSIC, HYBE quickly disbanded GFRIEND . Then after having acquired PLEDIS it is now NEW IST that the label dissolves.
HYBE would acquire another label only when it does not have enough group and then separates from it as soon as the popularity of the said group drops and especially since they created TXT and ENHYPEN .

Some even think that the agency voluntarily acquires another label in order to dissolve the bands and monopolize the market.
Manipulative Hybe allegedly neglected the boys to pressure them into not renewing their contract. Some even bet that FROMIS 9 will suffer the same destiny

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