Kriss Wu Accusé a tort ?

Kriss Wu Wrongly Accused of Rape?

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Several months ago, the idol was accused of rape by a certain Du Meizhu. The girl then claimed that the artist had sexually assaulted several minors. Following these accusations, Kris Wu was imprisoned in prison on July 31, 2021.

However, for the past few days, the hashtage "dumeizhu recording" has been trending on the WEIBO social network.
The hashtag was created after a live stream of LI EN and MEIZHU's two friends who supported him during the rape charges.

During the live stream, the two Chinese claim that MEIZHU received 20 million yuan from an organization to accuse KRISS WU.
To prove them, the two girls shared an audio conversation they had with the accuser.

The next day Meizhu denies the charges. She admitted that it was her voice in the extract but that it was faked and manipulated. However, LI EN quickly denied MEIZHU's comments during another live stream in which it shows the recording coming directly from the laptop and therefore without any editing. The recording would also date from July 12, 2021, two weeks before the arrest of KRISS WU.

The other detail that seems to confirm the set-up is the police report of KRISS WU's arrests. In the latter it is noted that the arrest of the idol does not follow a complaint filed by MEIZHU or the other supposed victims but would follow the mass emails received. Copies pasted from the Douban forum and all asking for the arrest of KRISS WU.

Meanwhile, all videos from MEIZHU's audio recording are being phased out, as if someone is trying to cover up the matter.

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