felix envoi des messages deplacés

Felix from Stray Kids sends inappropriate messages to Fans

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In recent days, Felix has been strongly criticized for his behavior on Bubble deemed obscene.

Many screenshots of the idol were posted online. In the latter we can read Felix inviting a fan to join him in his bed to try on a silk blanket.

Then in another screen, Felix claims to want to do whatever the fan asks of him, adding that the strap around his neck belonged to him.

He ends up sharing an audio in which he moans and imitates kissing noises.

The situation escalated even more when it was the subject of a video by Youtuber Sojang.
As a result, many Internet users say they are angry with the idol whose fandom also includes minors. Others claim that it is simply due to a cultural difference. In Australia this would not be viewed negatively unlike Korea.

However, the STAY who witnessed the conversation on Bubble reports that all of this is false.
When Félix spoke of lanyard he was actually playing a role, that of a cat
The moans in the audio recording were snoring

And the kissing noises weren't actually meant to flirt with fans.

However, the details provided were not heard by everyone and Felix continued to generate hatred against him and even disgust. Some STAY have decided to leave the fandom following this behavior.

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