Mingyu de Seventeen : Orientation Politique

Seventeen's Mingyu: Political Orientation

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The other behavior deemed awkward was that of Seventeen's Mingyu.

Lately the general atmosphere is quite heavy. Indeed, Korea was in the middle of an election period to determine the new presidency of the country.

During these periods, it is customary for idols to maintain a certain neutrality to avoid influencing the political choices of fans.

This is why the idols during the elections refrain from wearing blue, the color of the liberal party, or red, the color of the conservative party.
The artists are also careful not to mention or signify the number 1 or 2 which relates to one or the other of the candidates.

But it would seem that Mingyu has decided not to follow the tacit agreement of the industry and on instagram the latter appeared dressed all in red with a heart emoji of the same color.

You guessed it, the idol was attacked for this inappropriate behavior in the middle of an election period which can clearly have consequences on certain voting choices.
But the member of seventeen was also criticized because red is the color of the conservative party and the latter is known to be misogynistic.

Since the controversy, Mingyu deleted his Instagram post to calm the wave of outrage

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