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Stage Name : Bang Chan
Real name: Christopher Bang
Nickname: Kangaroo, Channi
Nationality: Australian
Date of birth: 03/10/1997
Age: 25 years old
Height : 171cm
Role/profession: Leader, singer, composer, rapper.
Group: Stray Kids
Fandom: Stays

bang chan photography


Bang Chan is the leader of the k-pop group Stray Kids , he grew up in Australia , hence his nickname "kangaroo", he is then bilingual and speaks very good English which allows him to communicate more easily with international fans , he also speaks other languages ​​such as Japanese and Chinese.

He is a songwriter, dancer, singer, rapper, lyricist, he is part of the " 3RACHA " sub-unit alongside Han and Chang Bin .

He discovered his passion for music at an early age , but what led him to want to join the k-pop world was an experience he had when he was in high school.

During his high school graduation he sang the Australian national anthem in front of a large audience, it was the first time he had experienced this, he liked to see the joy it brought to the public so it was which led him to audition for JYP.

“It's weird in a good way. Trying to impress the people around me has motivated me since I was little. »

It was therefore in 2010 that Bang Chan joined the JYP label after having auditioned in Australia . His dream was to enter the k-pop industry but it didn't come true right away as he spent seven years training and preparing before debuting, he explained in a interview that these seven years have been very hard for him, not because of the training but because he ended up being alone.

“Seven years is a long time. The hardest part was when the other interns who were with me left the agency. But the most painful moments were when I found myself alone. Of the people who left, some debuted on other labels and others changed careers. »

The reason for such a long wait is very vague, JYP did not know how to give clear explanations for this wait but what is certain is that the musical style which is specific to Bang chan did not correspond with the groups which were starting at that time, but he managed to find his match later by integrating Stray Kids .

It is besides him which is at the origin of the group , it is him which thought the concept and selected the members, it is clearly not become leader by chance.

One thing few people know about him is that he's been a perfectionist since childhood , and that's a quality that makes him a better leader .

When he was young, he liked to practice and discover several different activities, he did ballet , modern dance as well as swimming with his father who was a coach and had his own club.

Unfortunately, this desire to want to do everything and do it perfectly puts a lot of pressure on him, and he doesn't like to ask others for help. He carries a lot of weight on his shoulders but the other members still help and support him.

His motto is "Just enjoy" which means "enjoy", this motto he takes from his father and does not intend to change it.

“Feeling good is the answer to all your problems. So “enjoy” is and always will be my motto.”


  • When he was a trainee he made an appearance in Twice 's "Like Ooh Aah" music video and Miss A 's "Only You".
  • He is friends with BamBam, YuGyeom, Jackson from GOT7 , Young K from Day6 and Sana from Twice .
  • He cooks very well and eats a lot.
  • He has a dog named Berry.
  • He doesn't like watching movies alone.

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