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Stage Name : Hyunjin
Real name : Hwang Hyeon Jin
Nickname : Jinnie, Prince
Date of birth : March 20, 2022
Age : 22 years old
Blood type : B
Height : 179cm
Astrological sign : Pisces
Group : Stray Kids
Fandom name : Stays
Role / profession : Main dancer, rapper, visual, backing vocalist, composer, lyricist

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Learn more about Hyunjin

Hyunjin is a member of the famous k-pop group Stray Kids (SKZ) , he is the main dancer and the visual of the group. Why the visual? It's simply due to his beauty , that's where his nickname "Prince" comes from, it was his classmates who called him that. He studied at SOPA (Seoul Performing Arts high school).

He was spotted by his label when he was walking in the street with his mother, then in 2016 he joined the agency and was a trainee for 2 years before debuting with the other members of Stray Kids .

He was born in Seoul and he is an only child , since he was 16 he has had a dog called Kami. He is known for his facial expressions which make his fans laugh a lot.
His specialties are rap and dance, he notably performed a dance performance on the music " Play With Fire " which went viral.

Scandal: accused of school harassment

It all started when someone posted a message on social media accusing Hyunjin of harassment . The person claims to have been in the same class as Hyunjin she describes this period as "hell" she adds that Hyunjin was an insensitive person and ready to fight .

Following this message, Hyunjin's agency, JYP , issued a statement to contradict this accusation. Then we also see the testimony of a former teacher and a former classmate of Hyunjin who assure that he was not violent at school, on the contrary he was very nice.

His former comrade adds that he knows the person who posted the message, his name is Hakwoo and describes him as a person who has a habit of insulting others and says that he himself is a stalker and that he would have posted this message out of pure jealousy.

We then think that the problem is then solved and that all things are back to normal, but in reality this will not be the case, things will on the contrary get worse.

A few days later a second accusation surfaced. A person states that he was harassed by Hyunjin, she says that he spent the year making fun of her, she also says that Hyunjin would have hit her because she had played badly during a football match "Hyunjin told me caused so much pain that I considered killing myself, thinking about it makes me tremble with fear, it created a trauma for me”.

JYP then conducts an investigation to find out the truth but it is difficult to say whether his accusations are true or false as many of Hyunjin's former classmates and teachers defend him, however they stated that indeed Hyunjin may have had a hurtful speech . Hyunjin then decides to meet the people who posted these messages apologizing to them. He also posted a letter of apology on his Instagram.

To conclude, yes, Hyunjin had inappropriate words with some of his former comrades but there is no proof that confirms that he was violent with them. So following the scandal he withdrew from the group before returning a few months later and resuming his activities.


  • He is allergic to cat hair.
  • According to the other members of the group, he is the one who cries the most in the group.
  • He is friends with Bomin from Golden Child as well as Younghoon from The Boys.
  • He is a big fan of GOT7.
  • He lived for a year in Las Vegas and his English name was Sam.
  • He loves reading fan comments .
  • His gift of screens is a photo of himself.

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