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Dreamcatcher is a South Korean girl band that debuted in 2017 as a 7-member group ( Da Mi, Su A, Si Yeon, Yo Hyeon, Ji-U, Han Dong and Ga Hyeon ) but before that k -pop existed as MINX and consisted of 5 of Dreamcatcher's 7 members.

Dreamcatcher is therefore a kind of continuity of the MINX group which started in 2014 and originally consisted of Da Mi, Su A, Si Yeon, Yo Hyeon and Ji-U, then in 2016 the group's agency decided to add two new members and at the same time change the whole concept of the group as well as their name .
They therefore go from a tomboy concept to a horror concept, which is quite unique in the K-pop industry, which earned them the nickname " WIXX GIRLS ". This drastic change is due to a lack of success for the group MINX, so it's simply a marketing stunt to bring light to the group.

minx and dreamcatcher band members

The group was produced by the label Happy Face Entertainment , they debuted with the single album " Nightmare " and their fandom is called Insomnia .

To stay within the concept, the group debuted on January 13 , 2017 , which happens to be Friday the 13th . attention of the public thus allowing them to have more visibility.

Since their debut, the group has produced two albums , eight mini-albums , two singles and three Korean digital singles , and in parallel they have produced seven Japanese musical projects.

Their latest album is called “ Apocalypse: Save Us ”. The track " Maison " from the album went viral and won two music awards on Show Champion and The Show .

Today the band continues to grow and gain notoriety, they recently announced that they are doing a world tour.


photography by Ji U

Ji-U also called Ji Yoo. Her real name is Kim Min Ji , she is the leader of the group, she was also the leader of the group MINX and in an interview she said she was very proud of it. She was born on May 17, 1994 , she is 28 years old today. She developed a passion for music from a very young age because when she was young her parents listened to a lot of music, especially that of Fin.KL.

  • She is 167cm tall .
  • She weighs 49 kg.
  • She likes to take pictures , especially of the members when they are sleeping.
  • She participated in the TG Entertainment show “ MIXNINE ”.
  • She dislikes wasting food and likes any kind of food especially kimbap.
  • Her English name is Lily.

sua photography

Su-A (Kim Bo Ra) began her career by joining the group MINX . She was born on August 10, 1994 , so she is 27 years old . She is a singer and dancer, but her favorite field is dance , she participated in many dance competitions where she won prizes.

  • She is 162cm tall .
  • She weighs 42 kg.
  • Her English name is Alice.
  • She is friends with Jun from ACE .
  • She says her hidden talent is imitating animal movements.
  • She also knows how to imitate the cry of the goat and the dinosaur.
  • She is the member who has been trained the longest before joining the group.

photography by Si Yeon

If Yeon (Lee si Yeon) is also one of the 5 members of the group MINX , she is known for her voice and singing abilities, which is why she is the main singer of the group. She started singing in college where she was a singer in a group for 5 years, she is also very good at making playbacks . She was born on October 1, 1995 , she is 26 years old .

  • She is 166cm tall .
  • She weighs 49 kg.
  • Her name in English is Monica.
  • Thanks to her vocal abilities she is able to imitate Pokémon but also the voice of Jung In.
  • Members say she has an amazing voice.

photography by Han Dond

Han Dong is the only member who does not have South Korean nationality because she is of Chinese nationality , she was born in China in the province of Hubei on March 26, 1996, she was then 26 years old . She is one of two members to join the group in 2016 to form Dreamcatcher. She is a singer in the group.

  • She is 165cm tall .
  • She weighs 46 kg.
  • Her English name is Della.
  • She thinks she is allergic to chocolate because when she eats it she sneezes.
  • She has a gift of imitation like Si Yeon , she manages to imitate Park Ji Yoon.
  • She is a fan of musicals.


photography by ga hyeon

Lee Ga Hyeon is a singer and rapper , she is the second member to join the group Dreamcatcher with Han Dong . She was born on February 3, 1999, she is 23 years old , she is the youngest of the group.

  • She is 160cm tall .
  • She weighs 57 kg.
  • Her English name is Lucy.
  • She loves to eat and knows how to cook very well.
  • She was a model student who excelled in all areas.
  • She was a class major for three years.
  • She got a lot of math awards.

photography by yoo hyeon

Former MINX member Kim Yoo Hyeon was born on January 7, 1997 and is 27 years old today. She is an actress, musical arranger, lyricist, director and singer . She graduated one year after joining the MINX group.

  • She is 168cm tall .
  • She weighs 49 kg.
  • Her English name is Rachel.
  • She is good at video games.
  • She is learning Mandarin .
  • She knows how to imitate Overwatch characters.

photography of my

Da mi (Lee Yu Ben) is the fifth member of the group MINX , she is a rapper, dancer and singer but also a lyricist. She was born on March 7, 1997 , so she is 25 years old . Her passion is rap and since she joined a choir in primary school she wanted to become a singer.

  • She is 163cm tall .
  • She weighs 44 kg.
  • Her English name is Emma.
  • She is very shy.
  • She loves puzzle games.
  • She is friends with Yu Ju from GFRIEND , Ye Bin from DIA , Roa from PRISTIN , Binnie from OH MY GIRL and Jane from MOMOLAND .
  • She is a fan of the group SNSD and her favorite member is Taeyeon .
  • She practices kendo .

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