photographie de I.N


Stage name: IN
Real name: Yang Jeong In
Nickname: Desert Fox, Spoon Worm Yang, Bean Worm
Nationality: Korean
Age: 21 years old
Date of birth: February 8, 2001
Height: 172cm
Role / profession: Singer, Chorister, Composer, lyricist
Group: Stray Kids
Fandom: Stays

photography by I.N.


IN, also known as Yang Jeong In, is a vocalist, backing vocalist, lyricist, and composer for K-pop group Stray Kids. He was born in Busan , South Korea . He is the youngest of the group. He joined the JYP Entertainment label two years before starting with the group, so he was a trainee during this time.

But what few people know is that when he was young , (when he was 7 years old), he was a photo model , the members confirm that even today he is very photogenic , he had a lot of success when he was young because others thought he was very cute , which is still the case because the Stays (Stray Kids fans) voted him the cutest , and that's probably due to his smile.

The reason why he smiles all the time is because once, when he was in primary school, some friends of his confided that at first they didn't talk to him because when he didn't smile, and was scary, since to avoid scaring others IN always smiles .

One day some adults asked him to sing them trot ( Korean music genre) and from that day he decided to become a singer , because he really liked singing and being on stage. 

When he joined the JYP agency , he had some difficulties , for example, he had trouble with dancing , but thanks to Chan , he improved a lot and he is very grateful to him. He also thinks that the Stray kids show helped him a lot to improve. 

Since he is the youngest of the group, the other members help and protect him a lot as if he were their little brother . Hyunjin said that he helps her around 10 times a day, being so clumsy also prompts others to help her.


  • He doesn't like shopping , but he begins to develop an interest in clothes.
  • He is the one who eats the most during the day, according to the other members around 4-5 times a day.
  • He is very clumsy and tends to destroy everything.
  • He learned to play the piano on his own, he usually learns on his own.
  • He studied at SOPA.
  • He has two brothers , one older and one younger.
  • He loves animals , but the animals he loves the most are dogs and goldfish .
  • He loves listening to ASMR and watching mukbangs.
  • Her favorite color is hot pink.
  • He is friends with TXT's Beomgyu , Enhypen 's Heeseung , and Just B 's Lim Jimin.
  • His idol is Bruno Mars.
  • When he was young he was a sleepwalker.

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