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Stage name: Seungmin
Real name: Kim Seung Min
Nickname: Snail (snail), sunshine
Nationality: Korean
Age: 21 years old
Date of birth: September 22, 2000
Height: 177cm
Role / profession: Singer, dancer, composer and lyricist
Group: Stray Kids
Fandom: Stays

photography by seungmin


Kim Seung Min is a member of JYP Entertainment 's K-pop boy group Stray Kids . He joined the label after obtaining second place during the auditions in 2017, then like the other members he participated in the show "Stray Kids" before making his debut.

But his current career is very different from the career he dreamed of when he was young because what he wanted to become above all was a baseball player , when he was in elementary school he even made the first pitch for a match of professional teams (SK Wyvernes).

We then ask ourselves the question: how is it that he auditioned to become a singer? Well it's thanks to a friend who happens to be Dae Hwi from Wanna One. One day when he was on a radio show with the other band members he revealed that when he was in high school he was friends with Wanna One's Lee Daehwi.

“Before Dae Hwi changed schools, we were in high school together. Our respective classes were next to each other, we had a lot of fun. We would eat together and hang out together.”

When they were friends, Dea Hwi was trainee at JYP agency, and he suggested Seungmin to join him, that's how he ended up auditioning but unfortunately once Seungmin joined the label, Dae Hwi, he had changed agencies . However, that's not the only reason he auditioned to become a singer because besides wanting to join his friend he also wanted to be on stage and sing.

Seungmin also knew Chan before joining the agency because they were in the same school.

He has two nicknames " Snail " which is the nickname given by the other members of the group and " Sunshine " the nickname that the fans gave him because according to them, he conveys joy and shines like the sun.


  • Seungmin has a very friendly personality and he loves making new friends. He has also stated that he wants to be friends with GOT7 's Jinyoung.
  • The people who inspire him the most, who are his idols, are DAY6 's Kim Dong-Ryul and B1A4's Sandeul.
  • He sang the song titled “ Here always ” from the k-drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”.
  • He was a presenter in two shows “ After School Club ” and “ We K-pop ”.
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • He has a big sister.
  • When he was in primary school he spent three months in the United States and since then he has spoken very good English.
  • He likes to write in his diary and walk around while listening to music.
  • He doesn't like spicy food , more specifically he can't eat it because it makes him sweat a lot.
  • In 2013 a helicopter crashed into his apartment when he was brushing his teeth.
  • His favorite American artist is Shawn Mendes.

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