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Stage name: Irene
Real name: Bae Ju Hyeon
Nationality: Korean
Age: 31 years old
Date of birth: March 29, 1991
Height: 161cm
Role / profession: Leader, singer, rapper, actress
Group: Red Velvet
Fandom: ReVeluv

photography of irene


Irene is the leader of the world famous K-pop group , Red Velvet , from the agency SM Entertainment . She joined the label in 2009 and participated in the “SMROOKIES” project before debuting with the other members. She is also a rapper, singer, dancer and actress. She is also the oldest of the group. Even though she has a very big age gap with some of the other members, she is still very close to them, and they get along very well.

She is originally from Daegu, South Korea. What you need to know is that people from Daegu generally have a different accent and dialect , this was the case for Irene. When she joined the label her accent was so present that she only said hello, today she no longer has the accent at all.

Unlike many other artists in the k-pop industry , she debuted at a later age as she was 23 years old, while most idols debut at a younger age.

In addition to being the leader, she is also the visual of the group . From high school she was very successful and was very popular thanks to her beauty , it was also the case when she joined the label. Thanks to her beauty, she was quickly noticed and this is how she later became the visual of the group .

She is known to be very shy and reserved, which from an outside perspective can give the impression that she is scary. Several people around Irene said that the first time they met Irene they were intimidated. But when you get to know her, she is a very nice and cheerful person. Joy said Irene was the most immature of the group even though she is the oldest.

Her shyness makes her not feel very comfortable in entertainment shows. However when she was chosen to be a presenter alongside actor Park Bo Gum on the show “Music Bank” , she was very comfortable which impressed the fans.

SCANDAL: Irene's hidden face?

In 2020, a former stylist who worked with Irene posted a social media post describing her experience as a stylist alongside Irene as horrible and unpleasant. She accuses Irene of being very harsh and says that she used insulting words, she implies in her message that she is not the only one who has suffered this kind of behavior from Irene and says he has a tape that proves Irene is being disrespectful.

Later, other people in the K-pop industry supported what was said by this stylist. These accusations have not been denied, on the contrary Irene publicly apologized for this type of behavior and also met the stylist in question to apologize in person. So we understand that the accusations are real and not made up.

However there were not only people who supported the stylist, there were also people who supported Irene and who explained that she is just professional and knows what she wants but in no way is she “mean” .

Today there are many shadows in Irene's past. Some things go unsaid and you can't trust everyone's words. Everyone has their own opinion on it.



  • She knows how to imitate the character Doraemon.
  • She doesn't like chicken.
  • She likes to do the laundry.
  • She is a fan of BoA.
  • She is very honest.
  • She is friends with Seo Hyun from Girl's Generation but also with Jennie from Blackpink .
  • She is a fan of literature and art.

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