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Stage name: Seul Gi
Real name: Kang Seul Gi
Nationality: Korean
Age: 28 years old
Date of birth: February 10, 1994
Height: 162cm
Role / profession: Actress, Singer, Model, dancer
Group: Red Velvet 
Fandom: ReVeluv

photograph of Seulgi


Kang Seul Gi is a singer and dancer in the K-pop group Red Velvet of the SM Entertainment agency, she is also an actress and a model . She joined the label in 2007 and participated in the "SMROOKIES" project, later she was selected to join the group. To integrate the label she passed auditions which are known to be the hardest and most complicated, and she was one of the few to have passed these auditions , however she did not integrate the label directly afterwards, this one made him wait several months before signing a contract with her.

She is the one who has been a trainee the longest (7 years) among the members of Red Velvet. During these seven years she participated in many musical projects, for example she appears in the MV "Fantastic" by Henry Lau.

She is known to have many talents, in addition to being considered the best dancer in the group, Taemin from SHINee mentioned it , she can also draw and speaks very good Japanese. She is much liked by other idols, she is close to Sulli and Krystal from F(x) as well as Kai from EXO , she is also YooA's model from Oh MY GIRL. Moreover She is one of the dancers with whom BoA would like to form a group.

Seul Gi's idol is Beyoncé, she is a big fan of her and knows the choreography of "Single Ladies" by heart. Often, when she participates in entertainment shows, she demonstrates this. Unlike many idols she has never been involved in scandals , she is the perfect idol for labels.


  • In 2015 she starred in the musical "Hologram musical: School OZ".
  • Since she is an intern/trainee she is close to Kai from Exo.
  • She is also close to the group MAMAMOO and Ji Soo from Blackpink .
  • She is described as being very quiet.
  • She created the choreography for the song “Russian Roulette”.
  • According to the other members she eats a lot.
  • She has BoA's phone number.
  • She helped Teaming of SHINee for the creation of their album.
  • She is not flexible at all.
  • She got the permit in 2019.
  • She likes to practice archery.
  • Her passion is collecting pens and stickers.
  • She likes to dress fancy but the other members consider her a "fashion terrorist".

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