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Stage name: Wendy
Real name: Son Seung Hwan
Nationality: Korean
Age: 28 years old
Date of birth: February 21, 1994
Height: 160cm
Role / profession: Main singer
Group: Red Velvet
Fandom: ReVeluv

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Wendy is the lead singer of SM Entertainment's group Red Velvet. She lived in Canada where she auditioned several times to join the SM Entertainment label , it was not until 2012 that she was hired by the agency, and she will also be part of the SMROOKIES project . Since she lived in Canada she speaks very good English.

When she was 11 years old, she and her family moved to Canada, she then lived there for several years, then she moved to the United States, to Minnesota, to continue her studies at university .

During her years of study she participated in several musicals and was part of her high school choir , singing is not just a talent for her, it is above all, her passion is why she participated in auditions to join the label . Thanks to the SMROOKIES project, she has several times had the chance to demonstrate her talent, for example, she appears in a video to promote this project, where she sings "Speak Now" by Taylor Swift.

We then observe that she has always been active and has always practiced singing, and this since a very young age, however an accident will put her singing career on hold for several months. In 2019 she will be hospitalized after falling more than 2m during rehearsals. It was only eight months later that she would return to the stage alongside the other members.

Scandal: Is Wendy racist?

We have seen previously that Wendy has lived in Canada and the United States , so during TV and radio shows she is asked a lot about her experience there . In November 2014, Red Velvet attended a radio show (Idol true color) as many as guests. During the show the members are questioned to get to know them better, comes Wendy's turn, she is asked what her talents are , she replies that she knows how to imitate people and especially black people, given that she has lived abroad, then she demonstrates this "talent".

His imitation was much criticized by international fans , since it is perceived as a racist act. Unfortunately, even if it gave her a bad image, in 2018, during a TV show to which she was invited with Seul Gi , she imitated, once again , in a very stereotypical, even pejorative way, the way of expressing herself. African-Americans, which again greatly upset international fans. We then understand that the controversy of 2014 taught him nothing , and we wonder about this behavior , which is, by many, perceived as being racist. But until today we have not had any real explanations on this subject . The question therefore remains open.


  • She plays piano , guitar , flute, and saxophone.
  • The other members voted her as the best cook
  • In addition to English she also speaks French and Spanish
  • She is close to NCT 's Mark and Eric Nam.
  • She is friends with Rosé from Blackpink , Solar from Mamamoo , Eun Ji from Apink
  • She likes to do manicures
  • She has an older sister named Seung Hee.
  • When she was a trainee at the agency, unfortunately she had nodules but she managed to overcome that and make her debut
  • She is always made up

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