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Stage name: Joy
Real name: Park Su Young
Nickname : Doongdoongie, Malgeumi
Nationality: Korean
Age: 25 years old
Date of birth: September 3, 1996
Height: 168cm
Role / profession: Singer, dancer, rapper
Group: Red Velvet 
Fandom: ReVeluv

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Joy, is a 25-year-old South Korean singer and dancer from SM Entertainment's K-pop group Red Velvet. She joined the label in 2012, after auditioning. And unlike the other members, she will not participate in the SMROOKIES project.

When she debuted with the group she was still in high school , so she had to manage both her high school life and her idol life, knowing that when they debuted the group was already very famous, so it was a lot of responsibility.

Since she did not participate in the SMROOKIES project with the other members, she was less known by the public and had less notoriety. But later, she managed to gain popularity by participating in several k-dramas . In 2017, she made an appearance in the k-drama “The boy Next door” then, in the same year, she played the main role in the k-drama “The Liar and His lover” , but she really became popular when she once again played the lead role in the k-drama “Tempted.”

In 2015 she also participated in the show "We Got Married" with a member of BtoB, and she had to have her ears pierced for the show.

But we haven't finished hearing about her, since in 2021 her agency publishes a press release officially announcing her romantic relationship with the singer Crush, unfortunately today he is doing his military service, which is compulsory in Korea from South.

Unlike the other members, she was not controversial , however there was one time when she was very criticized . In 2018 during the meeting between the two leaders of North and South Korea , Red velvet had been chosen to perform at this historic event, but unfortunately due to his very busy schedule, Joy did not have to be present that day , so she was criticized a lot for her absence.


  • She is a fan of Ariana Grande.
  • It is close to the BtoB group.
  • She is friends with Rosé from Blackpink , Ha Young from Apink , and Ye Rin from GFRIEND.
  • She is described as being very sensitive.
  • She is a fan of Mark from NCT.
  • Wendi and Seulgi have confirmed that she talks in her sleep.
  • She would like to do a collaboration with John Mayer , an American singer.
  • She is very passionate about the things she does.
  • She loves dogs and would like to become a dog trainer.
  • His favorite foods are chicken and pizza.
  • To de-stress she likes to take time for herself, alone while shopping and drinking coffee.
  • She has a lot of lip balm.
  • She is very perfectionist and organized and plans everything in advance.
  • She learned to dance when she was an intern/trainee.

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