Korean finger Heart

Korean Finger Heart

While Japan has the famous "V" pose, often associated with the word "victory" or just showing off being cute in photos in general, Korea has also made history by popularizing a hand pose. unique and trendy which is all the rage today in Asia and other countries like al France. If you know K-pop or just Korea itself, you might have come across a hand gesture widely used by your favorite K-pop artists like BTS , Blackpink , and Red velvet . But this trend is not only used by K-pop artists and celebrities but the rest of the world, even popular Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise can be seen striking a pose. This hand gesture is what they call a finger heart , it suddenly became a huge trend in Korea and quickly spread as an expression all over the world. What is this Finger Heart exactly? Keep reading to find out.

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When and where did this popular hand gesture come from?

We know it clearly appeared in Korea, but who really started this big trend? It is believed to have been popularized by Kim Hye-soo , a South Korean actress, in 2010. But some say it was KPop group INFINITE member Nam Woo Hyun who actually started the hand gesture circa 2013. G-dragon of the band Big Bang , also took credit for starting the pose by posting a photo of him on instagram doing the gesture as a kid.

Even South Korean comedian Yang Se Hyeong took to social media to claim the trend was started by him when he too posted an even younger photo of himself posing. At this point, even if we keep going back and forth, it would be hard to know who actually started this trend due to the multiple claims, but whoever it is, it's undeniable that it's taken the world by storm ever since. during.

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What does the "Korean finger heart" mean?

The Korean finger heart is formed by crossing the thumb over the index finger , creating a tiny heart . It's basically a way to express love, friendship, peace, appreciation, and even for a little teasing. K-pop artists have used it extensively to show their fans their love, and their fans do the same to love them back. You can also come across the hand gesture in many Korean dramas and Korean movies. A few Hollywood celebrities have also been photographed using this pose, especially when they are in Korea for projects or any other business. One of them was Benedict Cumberbatch during his 2016 Doctor Strange promotional tour and Lupita Nyong'o and the rest of the cast at the Black Panther premiere in Seoul .

Black panther heart finger

And who could forget when North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un surprisingly waved his hand during the inter-Korean summit in September 2018. A photo of the very beaming North Korean leader was taken atop Mount Paektu with South Korean officials.

Similar hand gesture with different meaning

Crossing the thumb and forefinger has actually been around for ages in Western countries but the meaning is completely different, it's a gesture to ask for money instead of showing some love (fingers are actually quickly rubbed together to do so) and it can cause huge misinterpretations between them because of it.

The Korean finger heart may have appeared recently, with only a few years of history since its debut, but its popularity has skyrocketed and it has become a global trend , who knows how long this famous hand gesture will last? , but we know that it will still be relevant for a long time

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