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The history of BT21 characters

Before telling you about the BT21 , I will tell you about the Line application. It's simply a smartphone app, much like WhatsApp. And this application really has its characters, there is a little teddy bear, a little rabbit, etc.. they really have their own characters that serve as stickers to illustrate conversations, like on Facebook with stickers, stickers, there, it's is exactly the same.

BT21 Store - Line Friends Store

line friend store

These little characters are sold in Line Friends stores and suddenly, the BT21 are Line's very first collaboration with artists. And they didn't choose BTS at random...because of their huge popularity and global influence . And then, because they have a super positive image with the public, we're not going to tell you the opposite.

bt21 case

Presentation of the 8 BT21 Mascots



This little alien was imagined by V . He's an alien from planet BT. He is able to take many forms and is known for his eccentric side. He still has a heart-shaped head and pajamas or a jumpsuit as you want. Blue, polka dots and it really matches our little Kim Taehyung . And besides, he says himself that he wanted to create a character that was more unique than cute.



Koya is a little koala that was imagined by RM . He's very, very smart, but he always looks tired because he has a lot of insomnia. Like our leader, he is very thoughtful and works diligently on musical compositions. He has removable ears that can fall off, such as when startled. And a purple nose because V once said it was the color that best represented love. Hence the famous Purple Love that the Army sends to each other.


cookie bt21

Cookie was imagined by Jungkook . He's a little pink bunny who dreams of being super strong. Moreover, he imagines that he turns into a huge muscular rabbit when he is angry. You shouldn't trust her adorable appearance at all because I think that with Shooky, they are the two little monsters of the gang. You should know that Jungkook had imagined it with a small chocolate cookie. And it's this famous little chocolate cookie that inspired Shooky.


Shooky BT21

Suga 's Shooky is a super badass magic cookie whose worst enemy is milk with his best friend Cookie. They are always pranking other BT21s. You should know that, basically, Suga's initial idea was to draw his dog, but he really looked too much like the other characters, especially Jin's little alpaca. So he started drawing lots of expressions inspired by his dog Holly . And it was finally the designers of Line who created Shooky inspired by these ideas. Because it's so funny, in the making off we see that Suga is clearly in PLS, that drawing is not really his thing and that he doesn't have too many ideas.



RJ is the nice alpaca imagined by Jin . He is an alpaca who is always cold. So he has a little gray parka so he doesn't catch a cold. And what's so cute is that even before doing this collaboration with Line, Jin loved drawing little alpacas. Isn't that way too cute? And besides, he loves to make his little avatar and he even walked around the plane dressed as an RJ. Like what he is really involved.


Mang BT21

Mang imagined by J-Hope , it's a little dancing pony who always wears a mask with a little heart-shaped nose that recalls the smile of our little darling. Impossible to know what is hidden under this mask. And for the anecdote, there would be several meanings to the word Mang in Korean. Moreover, the boys split the pear during the making off


Chimmy BT21

Chimmy imagined by Jimin , who by the way has a talent for drawing, I was impressed. He is a passionate little pup who always tries to do his best, but is always a little clumsy. And precisely, that makes him too cute. It seems that Jin would have said that the animal that goes best with Jimin is a puppy and that Chimmy's fluffy little head really represents their face in their early days. When they had little baby faces. Chimmy is my favorite. I think he looks a bit like me. He looks a bit silly, but he's cute and above all, he loves yellow.


Van BT21

Van is a super robot who accompanies Tata and protects animals. In fact, they represent us, the Army, in a way. And it was created by the designers of Line Friends, but it was RM who came up with its little two-tone design.

bt21 case

So, there you go, all these little characters were born in September 2017. And I'm not going to lie to you, I find them way too cute, but I think you've already guessed it. And what do I really find so much fun?

It's that they really created a little story around these BT21s . And in fact, according to legend, Tata during a space trip with Van , he accidentally fell to earth and decided to become a super star. And for that, he would have liked to form a group. And that's how he would have met the six other members of BT21. And all these members have other characters that gravitate around them, such as family or friends. And Shooky , he has cookie-shaped buddies.

BTS awards in France

In case, you don't know BTS (because you never know it's possible) it's the group of all records that this South Korean boy band completely blew all the other stars on YouTube and you have to knowing all the same that they will fill the Stade de France twice in a row in June . It kinda lets you imagine how popular they are, how loved and admired they are.

Origin of BT21

The name BT21 comes from BTS+ 21st Century . You should know that this name was inspired by an idea of ​​Suga who said that he thought that the characters should represent BTS and the 21st century, so they could live for the next 100 years. It's beautiful isn't it?

And what's really great about this collaboration is that the band really got involved. They really took part in the creative process. They made small sketches with their ideas of shapes, colors, expressions, characters too. And afterwards, it was professionals who took all that and created mascots based on members' ideas. And besides, you're interested Go see the making off, it's hilarious. In addition, it is really too much, too much, too much, brilliant! Here is the first episode:

I hope I have aroused your curiosity and you want to go and see a little more of all this. And I think it was really an opportunity for artists to find another way to express their sensitivity and their creativity. And I find that frankly, they are really super inventive.

And you should know that there are other characters in preparation who will come to fill my BT21 family. On the site, there are several characters that are way too cute to follow. To have.

And you ? Tell us in the comments what your favorite character is :)

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