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Taemin , real name Lee Tae-min (Korean: 이태민), is a South Korean singer born on July 18, 1993. After several years of training under the SM Entertainment label, he became one of the five SHINee in 2010 .

He will begin his solo career in 2014 with the title Danger from the mini album ACE and while of course continuing his activities in the group. And besides, you should know that this is the first SHINee to embark on a solo career when he is the youngest. On July 27, 2016, Termite made their Japanese debut with mini album Sayonara Hitori and will perform their first Shocase in Japan on their birthday. At the beginning of July 2017, he will perform his first concert in Japan, which will meet with great success. And two weeks later, he released his second Japanese mini album titled Flame Of Love , which would sell over 50,000 copies within a week. The following month, on August 25, 26 and 27, he made his first concerts in Korea and because of the immense success of his performances. It repeats in October and November. It is a concert in Japan that he is going to give.

So as you have just seen, 2017 is a year that is really very, very busy in concerts, but not only, since he is also making his debut as an actor in the Japanese drama Final Life , which absolutely must see. And he will make his Korean comeback with his album Move, where you will also note the presence of choreographer Koharu Sugawara , with whom he has already collaborated on several occasions, notably for Flame Of Love.

This new album sold more than 63,000 copies in one week and Taemin performed Move for the first time on October 17 during Seoul Fashion Week . During the brand's fashion show, Supercomma B. and this performance met with immense success.

In 2018, he will release an MV ' Under My Skin' with his first Japanese studio album. And finally in 2019. At the beginning of February, he made his big comeback run with Want , selling more than 73,000 albums in one week. And you should know that just before this comeback. On the same day, he held an interview where he talked about military service, SHINee in general, and the loss Junghung left behind.

3 small anecdotes about Taemin:

  • His best friend is EXO's Kai.
  • He has admired Michael Jackson since a young age.
  • His fans and other band members call him Magic Hands . Because when he has a tube in his hands, it breaks or it gets lost.

Selection of the 15 songs of Taemin to know:

TAEMIN – Danger

TAEMIN - Drip Drop

TAEMIN – Sayonara Hitori

TAEMIN – Flame Of Love


TAEMIN – Thirsty

TAEMIN - Day and Night

TAEMIN – Under My Skin


List without MV:

TAEMIN - Soldier

TAEMIN – Mystery Lover

TAEMIN – Stone Heart


TAEMIN - Artistic Groove

TAEMIN – Shadow

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