La KPOP, C'est Quoi ?

What is KPOP?

KPOP, abbreviated from Korean-Pop , is indeed the popular music of South Korea. KPOP brings together both Pop which is of course the dominant style, but also other musical genres such as rap, R'n'B, rock, ballads, hip-hop, EDM as well than electro-pop. KPOP, beyond a simple musical style, is also a movement that comes from South Korea and is defined by Hallyu : this includes, apart from music, cinema, dramas, video games , the manhwa, the food, the language, in a word, the culture as a whole.

The origins of KPOP

KPOP draws its inspiration from the first modern music that appeared in Korea in the 1930s, more particularly from the modern Japanese style. And between the period of 1950 and that of 1960, the presence of American forces within their bases will become for the latter (Asians), a great inspiration. It's not often emphasized, but KPOP was inspired a lot by American music , especially with Hip-Hop, R'n'B with a touch of rock. Very quickly, the KPOP will spread in Asia before reaching America, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. And this breakthrough is thanks to the web . That said, the appearance of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as the downloading of music through iTunes, YouTube, are also elements that have enabled KPOP to win the market and travel beyond Asian borders. .

The beginnings of the global KPOP phenomenon

When we talk about KPOP, we often refer to the group Seo Taiji & Boys. Indeed, the group is often considered as the first group of KPOP . It was created in January 1992 and its success speaks for itself. The trio included YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyeon Soek and rock singer and musician Seo Taiji. We must not also forget to mention the very first production company to emerge, which is SM Entertainment . It was founded by Lee Soo Man in 1995 and was the producer of early boybands and girlbands . Just after that, will land YG Entertainment, DSP Entertainment and JYP Entertainment . In the 1990s, groups such as GOD, HOT, Fin.KL, SESk Sechs Kies and Shinhwa also enjoyed dazzling success.

Standards of KPOP music groups

In a KPOP group, we often find a certain pattern like the following:

- A leader : very often, it is the oldest in the group or someone who has more experience in the matter than the others. He has more responsibility and is the mediator of the group.

- A vocal leader : in a song, it is the latter who has the most intervention. But sometimes a band has more than one lead singer.

- A rapper : as the name suggests, he is the one who takes care of the rap part in Kpop songs. Even at this level, there may be multiple rappers in the group.

Apart from that, there is a visual, a principal dancer , a maknae. The maknae is used to refer to the youngest member of the group.

Some details on the KPOP

Kpop is especially represented by its boybands. These include, for example, Super Junior , BIGBANG , EXO , BTS and many more. On the other side, it is represented by girl bands like Blackpink , SNSD, 2NE1 , Sistar, Apink and so on. However, there are people who evolve solo, the case of Psy or Boa, Ailee, IU but also Jay Park. It is without forgetting also the mixed groups such as Trouble Maker, NASTY NASTY or Lucky J. Another point is that we cannot really consider the stars of KPOP as artists. For what ? Indeed, very few of them write and compose their own music. But it should be noted that in recent years, in some groups, members make the effort to compose texts. This is very noticeable in the male groups.

In terms of KPOP, idols are recruited by South Korean musical agencies from adolescence , after having passed and passed auditions . They are also recruited from the streets because of their beauty . For 3 to 6 years, they are trainees and follow training in singing, dancing and foreign languages ​​and sometimes courses in music theory, comedy, modeling or even martial arts . These are also subject to exclusive contracts by their agencies in the past, for up to 13 years. For these, having exemplary behavior is appropriate in the sense that most of their fans are teenagers. So, it is forbidden for them to drink before the age of 21, to smoke, to make offensive remarks, to have a romantic relationship in their rookie years (first years after their debut). But at this level, the regulations have been relaxed a bit.

Korean pop is a bit different from American pop due to its wise side, no insults, no provocative words. For example, American Pop is too sexualized. However, it should not also be compared to Jpop (Japanese pop) whose market is exclusively local. Indeed, they do not really seek to export what focuses much more on the image of the child woman as well as her rather refined side.

In Kpop, boybands and girlbands can have between 2 and 13 members on average. In Korea, it should be emphasized that appearance is very important . This being the case, idols have therefore gone through cosmetic surgery in order to conform to the ideals of beauty . And since it's a taboo subject, rare are the idols who admit to using it. Yet the estimate is 95% for those who have used it. In Korea, it should be noted that cosmetic surgery is a super developed market. Above all, what seems odd to some is that in Korea, there is no age limit for cosmetic surgery.


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