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BTS Big Hit's KPOP group

If you are a fan of Korean music, the group BTS the acronym of Beyond The Scene or also Bangtan Sonyeondan is a music group that you have certainly already heard of. With their various performances and the distinctions they have received, its members are real stars throughout South Korea, neighboring countries and even around the world. For those unfamiliar with the Bangtan Boys , this article will give you more details about them.

BTS: who are they?

Also known as the Bangtan Boys , BTS is a music group of South Korean origin , more precisely from Seoul . It is composed of seven members, among whom there is no woman, which will earn it the qualification of a boy band . Founded around 2013 by Big Hit Entertainment , this label devotes itself to various styles of music among which we find among others:

  • South Korean hip-hop style
  • Soul style
  • Dance with song
  • K-POP style and RnB

With these different styles of music adopted by this group, the various awards they receive is no longer a surprise to anyone. Ranked among the most famous people on the internet by the Time newspaper in 2017 their song: (EP) Love Yourself will cause a real havoc. BTS becomes the first South Korean music group to earn gold .
BTS is not only known in the music sector, it is also involved in advertising, and collaborates with many brands such as: Coca-Cola, the Puma clothing brand or even that of Hyundai brand vehicles.

BTS: a group with prestigious awards

Since their debut in June 2013, the boy band composed of J-Hope, Jin , RM , Jungkook , Suga , Jimin and V have been the subject of numerous nominations and trophies testifying to their talent. The band has so many trophies and nominations that listing them all would risk filling pages. Thus we find among others:

  • The New Artist of the Year award obtained in 2013 thanks to the title No More Dream from their first album bearing the title of '' 2 cool 4 Skool '' during the Melon Music Awards Festival and also during two other festivals in the countries successively in 2014 and 2016.
  • 4 Billboard Music Awards
  • A number of trophies around 220
  • Nearly 350 nominations to various musical competitions around the world. We also do not forget the many daesang they own.

BTS: what themes do they address?

The group makes very committed music and tackles many subjects for the pleasure of their fans. Among the themes developed by BTS, we find:

  • Psychological problems and human differences: you can see it in the track titled ''August D (The Last)''
  • How to achieve success and happiness are also terms discussed by the group. A piece that relates this? ''Sea'' is the track you need to listen to.
  • Call for general awareness, music for the awakening of consciousness. A song: ''Am I Wrong? ''
  • Consumerism and culture these themes are addressed by BTS through their song: '' Go Go ''
  • The education of children is addressed through the song: '' Spine Breaker ''
  • Teenagers and their reality, to discover how the theme is approached, listen to: '' NO ''
  • The determination and the pursuit of his goals, listen to '' No More Dream '' to understand what it is all about.
  • Self-love, this theme is addressed in their cypher: ''BTS Cypher Pt 4''
  • The woman her independence and the behavior she should have in this constantly changing world. Listen to: ''21st Century Girls''

We simply note that most of the themes addressed by the group have an international scope since they fit in with the realities of many countries.

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BTS: what makes them special?

This South Korean group can boast of having hundreds of millions of streams on various specialized platforms. Addressing their particularities, it should be said at first that it is a group that relates the daily realities and the problems of society in their songs . Another particularity of BTS is its ability to adopt several styles of music and it must be said that they succeed. Their commitment through their music has even earned them the occupation of positions as cultural ambassadors but also actors in humanitarian actions, there are actions in collaboration with UNICEF or with the UN. As proof of this, the group's leader's speech at a general meeting held in New York where he discussed the importance of self-acceptance.

In addition, each element of the group has its own specialties which makes the group even more special, some specialize in dancing, singing or rapping , while others develop skills either in writing or in musical composition . . Some people predict that they will end up asking for their independence at this pace and that it would not be without impacts on KPOP .

The last peculiarity of the group that we approach is that of the writing of their songs. As you know most of the bands of the KPOP label follow a dynamic dictated by the leaders of the label. That said, the Boysband and Girlsband must stay within the limits set by the label, the main one being to stay in the Korean wave. This has earned them the label of a label that produces quality artists.

So for a few years the BTS has had the freedom to write some of its songs which has allowed them to express themselves and to opine on some which could not be approached by the group in the past. All these particularities contribute to the worldwide success that the group is currently experiencing.

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