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The soundtracks are one of the best parts of anime, especially the openings and endings . The recent release of webtoon adaptations like The Tower of God and The God of High School has shed light on K-pop artists lending their voices to the music of anime, which was almost unheard of until recently. But, with the rise of K-pop in the early 2000s and its irruption in the international market, more and more Korean singers sing the themes of the latest anime epics, and it fits very well that whether it's a fierce fight with a Japanese katana , superpowers or a romantic scene..

Here is a small overview of the different anime opening and ending themes sung by some of your favorite K-pop artists :

1. "Slump" - Tower Of God

The opening music "Top" and the ending theme "Slump" are both sung by Stray Kids , an eight-member K-pop boy band. Stray Kids are still relatively new to the K-pop industry, having debuted in 2017 but already making a name for themselves with their vocals in Tower of God. Compared to the opening, more optimistic and inspired by rock, the final theme is more discreet. It's particularly moving when played near the end of Episode 12, after a big reveal and a few moments of complete silence. The transition between the scene of Bam falling and the dark opening with solo guitar and the scenes with the other characters when Félix begins to sing is particularly successful.

2. "Every Heart" - Inuyasha

Inuyasha is known for his iconic opening and ending themes, such as "Change the World", the first opening song of the series, sung by Japanese boy band V6 or "Fukai Mori" from Do As Infinity, the second l ending . But another song that captured everyone's hearts is "Every Heart," by K-pop solo artist BoA . This is the fourth ending theme for the anime, which was released when she was only 15 years old.

BoA is known as the queen of K-pop for her extraordinary dancing skills, multilingualism, and many accomplishments as an artist. She is a household name in Japan, as she is the first K-pop singer to chart on the Oricon chart and the first and only Korean artist to have six consecutive number one albums on the Oricon chart since her debut.

3. "Neverland" - OZMA

FT Island sings the opening song for "Neverland" by OZMA, a 2012 anime based on the unwritten screenplay by Leiji Matsumoto, about an Earth covered in sand and the journey of a wanderer named Sam. The anime is short, with just six episodes, half the standard episode count.

FT Island, short for Five Treasure Island - "Five" for its five original members - is one of the first K-pop rock groups to debut in the 2000s. Known for the powerful vocals of its lead singer, the group also sang for Shiawa Theory and Toriko.

4. "Brand New Days" - Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Yousei No Door

This happy and sweet opening to Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Yousei no Door perfectly matches the vocals of K-pop girl group Apink . Rilu Rilu Fairilu is a character franchise created by Sanrio and Sega Sammy Holdings before receiving an anime adaptation in 2016. The series follows a group of little fairies called Fairilu who like to go on adventures and make new friends. A second series was adapted a year later, with the third ending in 2019.

The six-member group has been in the music industry for 9 years and is known for its cute aesthetic, but in recent years has branched out into more mature concepts. In 2019, the group traveled to the Anime Matsuri convention in Houston, Texas to showcase their latest creation.

5. "Change" - Hanasakeru Seishounen

At first glance, Hanasakeru Seishounen looks like a shojo-like anime where the protagonist participates in a "marriage game" to choose her future husband, but there's a bigger mystery playing out at the level of drama and politics. “Change,” the anime’s opener, is sung by J-Min, a solo singer who released this single two years after her debut.

What is unusual about J-Min's early life is that she cut her teeth in the music entertainment industry not in Korea, but in Japan in 2007. She has released several soundtracks for Korean dramas, but it wasn't until 2014 that it officially debuted in the domestic market.

6. "Share The World" - One Piece


Imagine the joy and excitement of K-pop anime fans when it was announced that boy band TVXQ (or Tohoshinki, as they are known in Japan), a five-member boy band, would sing the 10th opening of One Piece . The group sang not one, but three songs for the anime: "We Are!", the 17th ending "Asu Wa Kuru Kara" and "Share the World". "Share the World" is by far the band's most popular song for One Piece , reminiscent of the early 2000s era with its instrumental and chorus beat. But it also reminds us of the time when a one piece figurine was so rare that we couldn't even get one...

TVXQ was hugely popular in its early days, but due to a lawsuit filed against their company in 2009, three members argued that their 13-year contract was too long and profits were unfairly distributed among the band members. As a result, these three members left TVXQ to form a new group called JYJ , while the other two remained as TVXQ.

7. "Win" - The God Of High School

The God of High School is only three episodes old, but it's already garnered a lot of attention thanks to its amazing fight sequences. It's thrilling and makes everyone's heart beat faster. But the ending is a whole different story. “Win” has a relaxed, laid-back vibe, reminiscent of a summer hit, which gives fans a nice break from the fast-paced cartoon action.

CIX , the group that sang the ending, is one of the newest rookie groups to burst onto the K-pop scene , but they are already proving how talented they are with the release of this ending and will win. surely in popularity over time.

8. "Houkiboshi" - Bleach

Most of the time, opening themes hit harder than ending themes because they are meant to impact the audience for the upcoming episode. Ending themes generally complete the episode with a calmer sound and slower tempo. But the third ending of Bleach , interpreted by Younha, upsets this status quo. This ending has a total of 13 versions, with one version for each Gotei 13 team.

Younha is a singer-songwriter who, like J-Min, started his career in Japan before debuting in Korea. The second artist, after BoA , to enter the Top 20 albums of the Oricon Chart, she is highly sought after for her songwriting skills and has collaborated with several K-pop groups like SHINee's Jonghyun, Epik High and BTS's RM . Her collaboration with RM made her the first Korean female soloist to top the US iTunes charts.

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