Le Sserafim sexualisé par Hybe

The Sserafim sexualized by Hybe

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Finally, this week in addition to the corruption charges, Hybe is also criticized for the marketing of his new band LE SSERAFIM.

On April 9, the label dropped the group's first teaser. However, the latter was poorly received by the public. Indeed, Internet users accuse the label of sexualizing the members, some of whom are minors.
The subdued light, the very short outfits, the suggestive positions, the general atmosphere are all elements that come to sexualize the girls according to the statements of the netizens.

On top of that, the clothing style chosen for Kim Chaewon puzzles many Koreans. On the teasers we can see the idol wearing an underboob outfit. In other words, an outfit that reveals the lower part of the chest.

Associated with a skirt deemed too short, netizens say they are angry at the label which exposes girls as products.

In addition to these accusations, a few days earlier it was member Kim Garam who was directly attacked.

In fact when the members were exposed, Garam's supposed stalker past was exposed by former comrades.

To prove their claims, the alleged victims shared photos of Garam with obscene inscriptions on the board. Additionally, screenshots exposing Garam using some rather vulgar vocabulary were also shared. And finally a photo of the teenager making an obscene sign was revealed.

Faced with the accusations, Hybe officially declares that the allegations are all false and that on the contrary Garam was allegedly the victim of bullying when she was a middle school student.
The label ends up saying that it is taking legal action without any possible recourse or leniency against the college girls spreading these rumors.

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