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Despite the laments surrounding the boys, fans remain in awe of some truly benevolent gestures from them.
During the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert, V was spotted doing something truly admirable.

Later it was reported by an ARMY that the fan didn't have a lightstick and that's why Taehyung gave her his ARMY BOMB.

During the second day of concert it is an interaction between the members which becomes viral on the networks.
As the members gave an end-of-concert speech, the group's maknae decided to rest on V's legs.

The ARMYs say they appreciate these moments of complicity between the members who have become too rare lately.

On the side of JYPE, Twice is still talking about him with his two concerts in the USA. With only two productions, the girl band has generated 4 Million dollars for its label.

Besides, the market value of JYPE has increased by almost a billion euros with the first quarter of 2022 alone. While the share price reaches its all-time high at 64,000 won.

If all the groups on the label are doing well, it seems that it is TWICE that allows these kinds of results. The band becomes the first female group to generate as much revenue in the United States.

On the side of Paris it is a free performance to which the French were entitled from MCND. The boys made a surprise appearance on the forecourt of the Trocadéro to the delight of all the GEMs.
The idols are also going to do a concert in the capital and then in Toulon this week.

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