Les coréens s’opposent à la dispense de service militaire de BTS

Koreans Oppose BTS Exemption From Military Service

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Speaking of the future of the industry, that of the members of BTS is still uncertain .

As a reminder, in South Korea military service is still compulsory . And this year is when Jin is supposed to enlist. The situation arouses the curiosity of fans as well as Koreans, who wonder if the members will actually do their service or not.

Because at this very moment, the National Assembly is revising the law on military service .
The idea would be to exempt artists with a strong positive impact on the country .

It is on this subject that the director of communication of the HYBE spoke at the press conference THE CITY in Las Vegas.
He claims that the members have decided to leave the matter of enlistment in the hands of the agency . While specifying that if they had to do their civic work, they will.

Unfortunately, it seems that Korean public opinion is turning its back on idols. Indeed many netizen affirm that the members do not want to serve their country and hide behind the excuse to leave the management of the military service to the label. Knowing full well that Hybe will do everything possible to dispense them.

The thing that seems to disappoint Korean citizens is the fact that the members had always ensured to do their duty by enlisting when the time comes . But now, the latter seem to want to evade this duty.
Some share Suga's lyrics on the D-2 mixtape, as proof.

But it was on April 12 that Korean citizens seemed to finally condemn the exemption of boys from military service .

Indeed, the government has announced that it may make a decision by the end of the month on the subject .
This is enough to surprise the whole of Korea given the speed of the processing of the file by the authorities.

But it was discovered that a retired blue house executive was invited to the label.

It was also discovered that this same member of the government was offered a high position within the HYBE . Suspicions of corruption suddenly won over the netizens.

And the fact that the government is looking into the matter so quickly and so suddenly would be proof that Hybe is indeed bribing the blue house to obtain an exemption.
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