Oddinary de Stray Kids  The billboard 200

Oddinary by Stray Kids The billboard 200

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Make way for the feel good news of the week!

Despite the comparison of Internet users concerning Stray kids and Gidle, the boys quickly caught up. The album Oddinary rose to number 1 in the top Billboard 200 which is a first in the history of the band .

With 1,10,000 albums sold in the US , Stray Kids is one of the only artists with BTS and SUPERM to have achieved this feat.

The other feat of the week delighted all the ONCEs.

Indeed, the girls are making history on March 31 with a very unique announcement. The latter will occur in an American stadium in Los Angeles on May 14. With that TWICE becomes the first female band to hold a concert in a stadium in the US and the second KPOP group after BTS.

Besides, BTS continues its expansion on the international market with a rather special collaboration. After months of rumors, Snoop Dogg has finally formalized his future collaboration with the Kpop group. “I make good music. They make good music, We are going to bring our two worlds together” A statement by Snoop Dogg that delights many ARMYs.

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