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Even if the name 2NE1 does not speak to you, you have surely heard their music before, whether you are a K-pop fan or not. This is why they are nicknamed the queens of K-pop , because in a very short time they have managed to make a name for themselves in the middle and have marked the history of K-pop, they are considered legends and models in the industry.

The girl group, South Korean, consisted of 4 members, CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy . Their fandom name was Blackjack , which comes from the card game blackjack where the goal is to get 21 points, 21 as their band name. The band's official color was " Hot Pink ".

picture of group members

Their beginnings and their ends

In 2009, before debuting as a group, 2NE1 collaborated with Big Band on a song titled “ Lollipop ” written by G-Dragon for commercial use .

It is only several months later that the clip will be broadcast, thus making 2NE1 known. And a month after the release of the clip, on May 6, 2009, they will release their first singleFire ” which represents their official debut .

The group quickly became known, first in Korea and then internationally. Over the years, they carried out several musical projects and obtained a lot of awards , until 2016 when the group broke up . On November 25, 2016, YG Entertainment announced the group's separation , and then in 2017 they released the song " Goodbye ", a song for the group to say goodbye to their fans.

The members


    CL's picture

    Today 31 years old, Chae Rin Lee , was the leader of the group, she was and still is a singer and rapper .

    She speaks 4 languages , English, French, Korean and Japanese, because when she was young, due to her father's job, she traveled a lot. Even if her father is a physics teacher , it was he who introduced CL to music, and that's how she discovered a passion for him, from the age of 10 she was recording demos and sent them to YG Entertainment . It was only 5 years later that she signed a contract with the agency. Today she has her own agency “ Very Cherry ”.

    She is known to be very charismatic on stage. People say that she is very kind and always takes care of others, and the other members of the group confirm this, because as much as the leader, she has always protected and taken care of them. But these responsibilities were very hard to bear since she became a leader at a very young age, she also mentioned in an interview how hard it was sometimes.

    After the separation from the group CL pursued a solo career , she released singles , participated as an extra in other artists' clips, she released a play, participated in commercials but also in films . Today it is much less active but you can still see it.


      Park Bom

      Park Bom was the lead singer of the group, she is also the oldest , today she is 38 years old . Her nicknames were " Bread Bom " and " Corn Bom " which means bread and corn, because she loved to eat bread and corn everywhere and anytime.

      She has been described as being very kind, gentle, but also sensitive and kind to her fans, she is also very open-minded.

      She is very well known in the music industry for her voice , G-dragon even said " any music with Bom's voice sounds good ".

      After the separation from the group Park Bom did not directly continue her career, she returned only three years later, in 2019, with a new single , she made several covers of music such as " Hann " by (G) IDLE . Then she went on hiatus for 1 year due to " health problems " and later in 2021 released the song " Do Re Mi Fa Sol " with Changmo.

      But why exactly did Park Bom take a year off?

      In 2020 Park Bom was invited to a Korean awards show to perform one of his band 2NE1 's songs solo, but what was supposed to be a simple performance turned into a huge scandal . It was the first time she appeared in the media for a very long time and her physical change did not leave the public indifferent, since they did not fail to point it out and not in the best possible way, especially regarding its weight .

      Later Park Bom's agency intervened and explained that recently she was under a lot of stress which explains her weight gain , so she decided to withdraw for a while. However, we notice in the video clip of the music " Do Re Mi Fa Sol " that she lost a lot of weight during this year of break.


        Sandara Park

        Sandara Park is a singer and rapper , she plays guitar and drums . Her nickname is " the vampire " because she shows no signs of old age, today she is 37 years old. She was known in the group for her eccentric cuts and sense of style.

        Before joining the group she was an actress in the Philippines , so she can speak Filipino. But she also continued her acting career in Korea.

        Dara is one of the members who remained the most active after the group broke up. She organized several concerts , modeled for brands, opened her YouTube channel , appeared in many TV shows, and she also acted in films .



          From her real name Kong Min Ji, she is the youngest member of the group, today she is 28 years old. She was the main dancer and was known for her talent in dancing, she was also a singer and a rapper . She joined the group 2NE1 when she was only 15 years old.

          She is passionate about dance , to the point where she opened her own dance school and then later her own agency MZ.ENT.

          She is an icon and a legend in the K-pop industry, it is said that she was the best dancer ever.

          After leaving the group she became a member of the TV show project " Unnies ". Then she released a single , a play and ended up creating her own label .

          Will the band reunite after 6 years?

          Recently the band performed at the world-famous Coachella festival, following which many images circulated of the band members spending time together , leading to rumors of a possible comeback .
          However, nothing has been contradicted or confirmed, so the question of their meetings remains open.

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