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Name: Lee Felix
Korean name: Lee Yong Bok
Nickname: Koala
Date of birth: September 15, 2000
Age: 22 years old
Blood type: AB
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 171cm
Group: Stray Kids
Fandom name: Stay
Role / profession: Singer, dancer, composer

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Felix is ​​a member of the South Korean group Stray Kids (SKZ) and contrary to what one might think Felix was not born in South Korea, he was actually born in Australia , more precisely in Sydney (Seven Hills) where he grew up, he only recently moved to Korea, in 2017 , when he joined the JYP agency. He is the second child of three siblings, there is also his little sister Olivia and his big sister Rachel.

Even though he is the son of two Korean parents, when he joined JYP Entertainment in 2017, he didn't speak Korean, which almost prevented him from joining the group, but thanks to the help of the other members, especially Bang Chan, in just one year he has made great strides in catching up. Changbin also helped him a lot to adapt to Korean culture and customs.

Many know him thanks to his talent of being able to go from a deep voice to a high voice, which impresses more than one. He is also known for his physical traits, such as his freckles, which he says "make his charm" which could hardly be contradicted.

If you're wondering where his nickname ' Koala ' comes from, it's simple, that's what the other members call him because he's originally from Australia , plain and simple. This is also the case of Bang Chan , which earned him the nickname Kangaroo . But contrary to his nickname “koala” he hates being called by his Korean first name “ Lee Yong Bok ”.

It's not really a nickname but it's also called " Crybaby " because he cries a lot and easily, the other band members say it's because he has an innocent and pure heart and he's someone. one good.

Felix is ​​very close to the other group members, but he is even more to Hyunjin who he shares a friendship ring with, their fans consider them best friends .

In parallel with the group, he was also a host in two TV shows " Pops in Seoul " and " Kingdom: legendary war ", but also co-host alongside Bang Chan for the " Kcon 2018 " event.

More information on the life of Felix

  • He learned French for two years.
  • He doesn't like spicy food.
  • He loves rice cakes.
  • He hates rides.
  • He learned to dance alone in his room.
  • He is very good at video games.
  • His motto is: "Just a little braver / More confident in yourself" which means in French: "Just a little more courageous / more self-confidence".
  • His favorite color is black.
  • He is part of a sub-unit called " Dance Racha " along with Lee Know and Hyunjin .
  • He has a black belt in taekwondo.
  • His favorite sport is football.
  • Her favorite artist is Ariana Grande.
  • He doesn't like horror movies.

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Douce Marie Anne
Douce Marie Anne


Je suis fortement impressionnée par ton charisme et ta gentillesse , même si on je ne te connais. C’est le ressenti que j’ai
Garde la tête sur les épaules

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