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Stray Kids (SKZ) is a fairly new South Korean boy band , as they debuted in 2018 and in a very short time they managed to gain popularity and become world famous .

The group is composed of 8 members: Bang Chan who is the leader, Lee Know , Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and IN

But what you need to know is that originally they were not 8 but 9 members, the ninth member named Woojin had to leave the group in 2019 only 1 year after their debut, for personal reasons.
The group is managed by JYP Entertainment as are for example GOT7 , Twice , and many others.

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More information about members

Bang Chan

Bang Chan , whose real name is Christopher Bang , is the oldest (24 years old) and is the leader of the group, he is also a producer, vocalist, dancer and rapper. He was born in Australia so he speaks very good English and Korean. He is part of the 3RACHA sub-unit, a trio formed from the band members and who compose and write for the band.

More information about Bang Chan:

  • He was born on October 3, 1997.
  • He is 171cm tall.
  • He enjoys cooking for the other members.
  • He loves to practice physical activities and sports.

Lee Know

Lee Min Ho who goes by the stage name Lee Know , 23, is the main dancer of the group, and like Bang chan he is also a vocalist and rapper. He joined JYP a year before debuting as a member of Stray Kids , during which time he was one of the dancers for BTS .

More information about Lee Know:

  • He was born on October 25, 1998.
  • He owns three cats and adores them.
  • He is 172cm tall.
  • He likes things to be neat and tidy, so he's often the one who cleans everything up.
  • Her favorite pastime is watching movies and creating choreographies.


Seo Changbin , also called Changbin , is 21 years old, he is the main rapper of the group, he is also the producer and composer since he is part of the 3RACHA sub-unit with Bang Chan and another member.

More information about Changbin:

  • He was born on August 11, 1999.
  • He listens a lot to the music of Ariana Grande.
  • He is 167cm tall.
  • He likes to collect things.
  • He never sleeps without his Pokemon plush.


Hwang Hyunjin , 22, is the "visual" of the group, he is also a main dancer alongside Lee Know and a vocalist. He is the tallest member of the group as he is 179cm tall. He is well known for his expressions and reactions that make fans laugh a lot.

More information about Hyunjin :

  • He was born on March 20, 2000.
  • He wants to travel all over the world.
  • He talks while sleeping.
  • He likes to read fan comments .
  • He likes to buy and wear jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces for example.


Han (Han Ji Sun) , 21, is the third and last member of the 3RACHA sub-unit, so he is a composer and producer but also a vocalist. Before auditioning and joining JYP he studied and lived in Malaysia .

More information about Han:

  • He was born on September 14, 2000.
  • He is 169cm tall.
  • He loves cheesecakes but his favorite thing is watching movies while eating cheesecake.
  • He also loves to sleep.


Felix is ​​the band's dancer, rapper and vocalist, his Korean name is Yongbok but he hates being called that. He is 21 years old, and was born in Sydney, Australia and like Bang Chan, he speaks very good English. He moved to South Korea only after joining the JYP agency, so he had to learn Korean quite quickly. He is well known for being able to change the pitch of his voice from very high pitched to very low pitched .

More information about Felix:

  • He was born on September 15, 2000.
  • It's very easy to scare him.
  • He is 171cm tall.
  • He likes to travel , dance and shop .
  • He loves spending time with the other members.
  • He was the host of the TV show " Pops in Seoul " for several months.


Kim Seungmin is the vocalist. He is 21 years old and is said to look a lot like singer Wonpil . He speaks English so he communicates a lot with the other English-speaking members.

More information about Seungmin :

  • He was born on September 22, 2000.
  • He likes to wake up early.
  • He is 178cm tall.
  • He likes to eat good food .
  • He has a passion for photography .
  • He keeps a diary .


IN (Yang Jeongin) is 21 years old and the youngest member of the group, in South Korea he is said to be the Maknae , he is mainly a vocalist. When he was 7 years old he was a model , people said he was very cute and this is still the case since the fans of Stray kids (the Stay ) have designated him as the cutest of the group.

More information about IN:

  • He was born on February 8, 2001.
  • He is 170cm tall.
  • He loves watching Mukbang videos.
  • He doesn't like shopping but enjoys giving gifts to others.

How was the group formed?

The members of the group did not join the JYP agency at the same time, some have been there longer than others, this is the case of Bang Chan, for example, who joined the agency in 2010 following an audition . in Australia , it was not until 7 years later that he joined the group with the other members.

Although the group started in 2018 , it was formed in 2017 as part of a TV show called " Stray Kids ", hence their group name. This show was also a success which made it possible to make the group known even before their debut.

They made the choice to name their fandom " Stay ", which resembles the name of their group but which above all means "stay" , it is a message that they want to transmit to their fans, so that they stay with them and that they support them , but also a message for those who discover the group, so that they stay and discover who they are and what they offer.

Their first MV (Music Video) called “ Hellevator ” was made during the show and it was this song that made them famous. Following this they debuted with the mini-album " l Am NOT " which will later be followed by the release of their second mini-album " l Am Who " and the third " l Am You ".

Since then, the group has continued to surprise us with their various musical projects . At the beginning of their career, they were very active to the point of worrying their fans, but today they offer regular content and remain very active on social networks.

Recently they released an album called " ODDINARY " composed of 7 titles including one that went viral " MANIAC ".

stray kids stage group

To date, the band has garnered over 20 awards , and it's not going to stop there.

Dangerous Scandals

Things haven't always been perfect for the group, since it has been the subject of two major scandals that have put a stop to their activities. The first is the scandal around the ninth member Woojin who left the group , until today the story remains quite unclear, there are many rumors .

Then it was Hyunjin who was involved in a scandal for school violence coming from him. Following the scandal, he publicly apologized and stayed in the background for a while before returning to the band. Some even thought that he would have left the group forever, as was the case with Woojin .

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